THE FOCUS FACTOR. Goals work simply because without a clearly defined target, we cannot channel our energies. The human spirit has infinite abilities to accomplish most anything it sets out to achieve, but without clearly defined targets, that capacity is scattered and massively diluted. Goals work to focus our power just as a magnifying glass can capture scattered light and turn it into the power to burn.

THE VISUALIZATION FACTOR. Crystal-clear goals allow us to utilize visualization, unleashing powers ten to 100 times greater than that of goal-setting alone.

The human spirit and unconscious mind cannot distinguish between an actual experience and one that has been vividly imagined. Our conscious mind certainly can. This is the discerning part of our mind, the part with all the mind-numbing judgments about people (including ourselves!), the part that keeps us playing small. But to that part of us that is powerful, magical and spiritual, the visualized event is seen and felt as though it is really happening now. This experiential seeing, feeling and knowing creates an instant sense of confidence.

THE BELIEF FACTOR. In a 2004 Masters golf tournament, Phil Mickelson was trailing by three strokes with only six holes to play. He had to sink this very difficult putt to give himself a chance to win. In his words, Phil "kept believing and believing that things would work out for him that day." And they did. He sank the putt, birdied another and then sank an improbable 20-footer on the 18th to win by one stroke. This victory-causing belief was not a function of experience. Mickelson had the undesirable distinction of playing in 48 major tournaments and never winning any of them! He was known for being the best golfer in the world never to have won a major.

How can you learn, like Phil Mickelson, to believe in something that has never actually happened for you?

Visualization creates the breakthrough. Imagine yourself achieving a goal and celebrating how it feels. Imagine yourself doing this 1000 times over a 30-day period. To your conscious mind, you have just imagined something that "might never happen." But to the part of you that inspires miracles, it just did happen--1000 times! When the pressure is on for you to perform, it is the spirit within you that will be summoned to act or attract ("luck"). And after experiencing success 1000 times, that part of you will tend to believe.

Your head may not believe it--but your body, heart and soul will.

RICHARD BLISS BROOKE is a veteran network marketer, CEO of a network marketing company and author of Mach II With Your Hair on Fire.