How to Get Everything You Want--Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

By Brian Tracy

"Success is goals and all else is commentary." So opens this crystal clear, extremely practical guide to the whys and hows of goal-setting. Tracy makes the case for the value of written goals, then firmly takes us by the hand and leads us through the steps of setting and achieving goals in every aspect of our lives.

More than a mechanistic list of things to do, Tracy shows how to "build your self-esteem and self-confidence... how to overcome difficulties, respond to challenges and continue forward toward your goals, no matter what happens." With 20 years of goals coaching, Tracy is in a unique position to show us how to achieve success in our profession by defining and reaching our goals and helping others to do the same.

Hardcover: 289 pages, $24.95,


The Present

The Gift That Makes You Happier and More Successful At Work and In Life, Today!

By Spencer Johnson

A simple tale about a simple idea that could simply change your life. This fast-reading parable by the author of megaseller Who Moved My Cheese? illustrates how the joys of life can be yours if you focus on today, while learning from your past and planning for your future.

In Johnson's story, a young man who is unhappy with his life and his work seeks a magical gift he had heard of as a child. He ultimately lets go of his fruitless search and discovers The Present--and its secret to the ultimate goals of happiness and success.

Hardcover: 112 pages, $19.95, Doubleday.

Your Signature Life(R)

Pursuing God's Best Every Day

By Dianna Booher

What greater goal for each of us to aspire to than feeling we have done our very best at the end of every single day? Dianna Booher inspires us to add our signature to each day as an artist would, claiming "this represents the best of who I am in this moment." Through stories that reveal integrity and responsibility, kind words and deeds, readers are guided down a character-building path that results in a better life--and a better world. "Consider yourself as the builder and owner of 'You, Inc.,' " states the author as she challenges us to evaluate what our personal "designer label" stands for.

Hardcover: 291 pages, $16.99, Tyndale House Publishers.