Is it just me, or has this happened to you: I sit down to write out my goals and find the exercise generates more questions than answers. Why this goal and not another? What if this goal points me in a direction that makes meeting that goal more challenging? More importantly, which activities should I not pursue? Will I have the discipline to let go of those directions that don't serve?

When this happens to me, I look to my vision and examine how my goals sequence, align and support it. What am I passionate about? What am I good at? Can I make a living at the intersection of the answers to these questions?

Gabriel Media Group, Inc. has a vision, "Global Prosperity Through a Philanthropic Economy(R)," that keeps us on course. The directions we've set for Networking Times(R) serve that vision:

These intentions are also designed to serve you, whether you are new to network marketing or a seasoned networker. Our goals are to serve your goals--to help you create predictable, sustainable growth in your network marketing business. Networking Times can be a primer for your organization, a textbook for aligning your team.

Some leaders tell us they keep their team in tact and on track by taking ten minutes of each training to discuss an article from our pages. A simple excercise--and a potent way to build the belief it takes to create solid retention. (We have a paid-monthly subscription to make this approach easy on anyone's budget.)

We have another goal: to be universally recognized as the essential companion for every professional network marketer. Is this a stretch? We hope so: all powerful goals are. And by empowering network marketers the world over, we will help you unleash your power in these networking times--and in the process, support our vision for an economic world order where nobody is left out.

This issue presents some of the best and brightest in our industry offering their perspectives on Goals. Enjoy the conversations with sales guru Brian Tracy and veteran trainer/author Dianna Booher; take inspiration from the contemplative wisdom of Shannon Anima's missed goals, the varied perspectives of our four "Our Times" panelists, the irreverent counterpoint of Jack Zufelt's "Why Goals Don't Work," the strategic simplicity of Lisa Jimenez's epiphany.

Use it all to serve and nourish your goals--and know that your success is ours. n

CHRIS GROSS is Chairman of the Board of Gabriel Media Group, Inc., publisher of Networking Times.