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Time to stop just brushing shoulders with your potential? All you have to do is make the decision: do what successful people do. Get a coach.


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A panel of four guest editors on the question, "Why is coaching so effective?"



Five Keys to Leadership

Joanne Sujansky, Ph.D.

Leadership styles have been in constant change. Leadership expert Sujansky offers these five keys to effective leadership in today's world: begin with yourself; shape and share a vision; practice partnering; coach continually; and build resilience.


Coaching in 2004

Terri Levine

The workplace has gone through dramatic changes in the past few years. In this changing landscape, businesses are struggling to cope with drastically shifting demands in the workforce--and are turning increasingly to coaches for novel solutions, feeding a growing groundswell in professional coaching.


Your Gold Medal

Dr. Joe Rubino

We typically approach challenges and opportunities from the realms of what we know, and what we don't. But the richest source of insight is the realm of what we don't even know that we don't know! If we're blind to this fertile territory, how can we gain access to it to tap its insights? With the help of a coach.



How to Listen in 3-D

Sonia Stringer

If you're listening only to the facts your team is telling you, you're probably missing the most important issues altogether! For many, what's missing is depth in listening, what coaching trainer Stringer terms "listening in 3-D." Here are four key areas in which you can learn to listen for more than meets the ear.


Five Keys to Master Communication

Nido Qubein

One of America's most accomplished public speakers, Nido Qubein offers five key principles for mastering communication: desire; understand the process; master the basic skills; practice; patience.



Know Your Why

Jeb Tyler

To become successful in network marketing, it's critically important to establish your "why": your specific, personal motivation for creating success. Focusing on your why will enable you to overcome the emotional roller coaster of ups and downs, and puts you in a better place to put together a step-by-step business plan for achieving your goals.



The Inside Creates the Outside

Teresa Romain

While mainstream (allopathic) medicine treats a sore arm by focusing on the arm, holistic medicine takes into account the entire person. For many of us, money (or lack of it) is our "sore arm"--and treating it with painkillers, splints and Band-Aids won't necessarily reach the source of the issue.



Through the Eyes of a Coach

Brian Biro is like a Pied Piper in reverse: one cannot help but follow him, but where he leads people is not away from but back to the discovery of themselves. Brian began his career with eight years as a United States Swimming Coach, building his team of fifteen young swimmers into one of the largest private swim teams in the United States. After taking his swim teams to a place of national prominence, Brian brought his passion for coaching and team-building to the corporate world, where he helped engineer a dramatic turnaround at Lynden Air Freight that resulted in the company tripling its size in just three years and earning national acclaim as a leader in customer service and convenience. Four-time winner of Inc. magazine's "People's Choice Top Speaker," Brian has coached dozens of organizations to greater levels of passion and performance. His book Beyond Success: The 15 Secrets of a Winning Life remains in the top one-half percent at a decade after it first appeared. In this conversation, Brian talks about parenthood, why network marketers are unique, and what it means to coach.



Happy Healthy Wealthy

Jim Bunch began his career working with Anthony Robbins and later joined Bob Proctor to head up LifeSuccess Institute's sales program. He then dove into Internet entrepreneurship, growing the virtual tour pioneer (currently, a business that married technology with listing homes, from a tiny start-up to a 1500-person market leader in less than 15 months. After completing a highly successful NASDAQ IPO, Jim went on to found two successful technology companies and Happy Healthy Wealthy Enterprises, his personal development coaching company focused on bringing balance into people's lives. Jim also had the good fortune to work closely with coaching pioneer Thomas Leonard, founder of CoachVille, CoachU and the International Coach Federation (ICF). When we originally began planning a Coaching issue, we had hoped to feature Leonard as our lead story; alas, those dreams were not to be, as Leonard died at home on February 11, 2003. Jim, as you'll read, was the one (and only) student whom Leonard was privately coaching in his last months. Some say he was being groomed as heir apparent.



The Bright Spot in People's Lives

Jean Holec was a stay-at-home Midwestern mom who spent most of her free time volunteering at her three kids' school. ("There aren't too many stay-at-home moms these days; I'm practically a dinosaur!") When her eldest, Christopher, was suddenly diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, everything changed. Tragedy followed...and ultimately led, as tragedy will often do if given the chance, to new opportunity, planting a new career in Jean's life that has blossomed into an inspirational model for thousands.



Dan Stammen: Fifth Time's a Charm

Starting out of high school in a series of low-paying, labor-intensive jobs, Dan Stammen bumped into a network marketing opportunity and gave it a try. By the age of 23 he was earning a very solid six figures--but his career was just entering a phase of testing that would have been daunting enough to deter all but the most committed. Today, after creating a successful network business in company after company, Dan has reinvented himself--and finally found a home that promises permanence.


The Hard Part

Julie Abarzua

"Mistakes aren't stupid, they're the beginning of wisdom. Hating your mistakes is what's stupid. If you can teach yourself to love your mistakes instead, then you'll be on the trail of genuine knowledge--and you'll also be unstoppable."



Speak Up!

Steve Siebold

Giving prepared talks before local organizations (from Chamber of Commerce and Toastmasters to Kiwanis and Elks) is not only a great way to develop yourself as a speaker; it can also present a superb forum for finding new business partners.



Warming Up Cold Calls

Jim Donovan

Donovan offers seven pragmatic strategies for making cold calling more successful--and hence more enjoyable (and hence, even more successful!): eschew "passive prospecting"; learn how to deal appropriately with "gatekeepers"; warm up prospects with email; send pre-call letters; organize your follow-up; rigorously manage referrals; and use the magic question: "Can you help me?"



The Power of Third-Party Endorsement

Bob Burg

"People will accept your ideas much more readily if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first." Starting with this perplexing but accurate observation, master networker Burg offers a primer on how to leverage this foible of human nature to your advantage.



Tame the Email Beast!

Barbara Hemphill

In this day of increasingly digital communication, poor email habits can sabotage the message we're putting out and wreak havoc on our own desk at the same time. Here are five smart tips for creating email your recipients will love, paired with another five for managing your own incoming email so it doesn't overwhelm you.



Are You a Sensational Listener?

Dawn Siebold

The sad truth, says sales master Dawn Siebold, is that most salespeople are good talkers and lousy listeners. And here's another truth: most people prefer to buy from people they know, like and trust--which means people who listen! Siebold offers ten steps for moving from an amateur listener to a professional listener.


Why Coach

John Milton Fogg

"A great coach is not always a great player first." So saying, master coach Fogg goes on to give examples from the worlds of athletics, classical music and film acting--then brings the point home: in network marketing, you don't have to be an all-star player to become a masterful coach. And if you become a master coach, then by definition you will be a masterful player!