In this little and easy-to-read book, one of America's top professional coaches shares techniques that can help you be more effective in your personal and professional life. You don't have to be in the coaching business to gain benefit from the book; you can simply use the tools for yourself so you can become a better friend, parent, partner, lover, business owner and networker. It is Levine's experience that when you become your own coach, you are headed for a more evolved and happier life.

The book is introduced as a simple guide that will come alive through all the exercises and activities that go along with the reading. In other words, you will only benefit from it by fully engaging in the process of coaching (yourself and others). Levine defines coaching as "a powerful collaborative relationship between a mentor and a willing individual who follow a process of discovery, goal setting and strategic actions."

What are the basic skills required to become an effective coach? It all starts with the "Art of Deep Listening," i.e., tuning in by quieting the mind and listening with the heart. Some of the next steps include:

A coach is someone who believes that we experience the life we choose and whose passion and purpose is to communicate this belief to everyone she comes in contact with. The results of being your own or someone else's coach are fewer emotional ups and downs, less judgment, less issues and less baggage; more happiness, more fun and play, more effortless lives, more prosperity and a more rewarding life experience. Are you interested in adopting the basic coaching skills as a more expansive way of life? This little guide will support you along the journey.


Paperback, 94 pages; $14.99; Lahaska Press.