A great coach is not always a great player first. In fact, a great coach is not always a great player, period. This is not good news--it's great news. Even if you are not a great network marketing player, you can become a great network marketing coach.

Proof? Okay.

Ever hear of Bill Belicheck? A so-so football player at Wesleyan (where?) college. His dad was a full-back for a year in the pros...but not Bill. So why would you have heard of him? He coached a team you probably have heard of: the New England Patriots.

Leighton Hewitt is the number-one ranked tennis player in the world. His coach? Jason Stoltenberg, who won four singles titles. A great player? Not really. Great coach? No question.

I know you've heard of Tiger Woods. He was taught by Butch Harmon--a good golfer, a great coach. Harmon's dad won the Masters in 1948, but how many tour wins does Butch himself have? Nada. Yet the players he's coached have 68 PGA tour and 66 international victories and have combined to capture 10 majors.

You've heard of (and probably heard) virtuoso violinist Itzhak Perlman. Ever hear of (or hear) his coach, Ivan Galamian? Thought not. (Unless you used to hang around Julliard.) Yet Ivan also taught world-renowned violinists Michael Rabin, Pinchas Zuckerman and Jamie Laredo, too.

Ever see the films, Love on Toast (1937) and The Shadow of the Thin Man (1941)? They showcased Stella Adler. If her name sounds familiar, it's not because she's a great actress--it's because she's a great coach of great actors and actresses. Her students include Warren Beatty, Candice Bergen, Marlon Brando, James Coburn, Kevin Costner, Robert Deniro, Melanie Griffith, Harvey Keitel, Mathew Modine, Martin Sheen and more. Count the Oscars in that list!

Coaching is not playing. Coaching is knowing how to discover, reveal and bring out the excellence in a player.

In network marketing, you don't have to be an all-star player to be wildly successful--if you can be a coach and learn how to discover and bring out the excellence in your players.

Now, here's the best part.

I know I said, "Even if you are not a great network marketing player, you can become a great network marketing coach." But the truth is, if you become a great network marketing coach, then you will also be a great player by definition.

In network marketing, a great coach is a great leader is a great player.

A great coach is not always a great player; in fact, it's rare that he or she is...except in network marketing.


JOHN MILTON FOGG is Founding Editor of Networking Times
and runs the Certified Network Marketing Coaches program.