I'm going to bet that one of the reasons you're involved in the networking industry is to make money. Perhaps you're here to make a few hundred dollars each month to pay off some bills; or you may be among those networkers who mean to create (or replace) a full-time income. Perhaps your dream goes beyond that--to create a residual income that gives you complete financial freedom.

If you are in networking to make some amount of money, you're not alone.

So often, money seems to be the answer to all of our problems and our dreams...especially when we think we could earn more than we're earning now. It's so easy to say, "When I'm earning an extra $$$$ a month, then I'll be able to do all the things I want to do; life will be fulfilling and abundant...then."

As you start to earn a little more money, you begin thinking how, with just a little more time and effort, that little could be more. And even more. You start thinking, hey, twice that amount, three times, ten times, will make your life really abundant and fulfilling and successful. You work harder and grow your business.

But there's a problem here. More often than not, when and if you actually do reach the point where you are earning that extra $$$$ a month (or twice, or even ten times that amount), you find you're still not experiencing the freedom, fulfillment and abundance you desire.

I see it happen all the time.

Whether or not you're aware of it, money--especially more money--is revered in our culture as the solution to so many of our problems. As a result, we do whatever we can to make the money we think will lead to the happiness, security, peace and freedom we desire. But it's a set-up. When and if you actually make that much money, you may actually feel less abundant and free.

Why? Because while money is necessary for abundance, it's actually a lot less important than we might think--because money in and of itself does not create abundance.


Symptom and Cause

Consider the difference between traditional allopathic medicine and alternative or holistic medicine.

One of the most common complaints registered against traditional medicine is that its efforts are focused on and directed by symptoms rather than addressing the body as a whole. If you have a sore arm, all attention is directed to relieve the pain in your arm. The physician may X-ray your arm, prescribe a painkiller, give you arm exercises to do or a brace to wear.

A holistic approach would look at your entire body and lifestyle, seeking to identify any energy blocks, toxins, deficiencies or imbalances that might have resulted in the symptom called "sore arm." In focusing treatment on the source, your entire body--including your arm--is brought back to health, as opposed to an allopathic treatment, which might relieve the local pain but leave a deeper and potentially more serious problem untreated.

For many of us, money has become our "sore arm." Whether we are in debt, on the verge of bankruptcy, just making ends meet, unsuccessfully trying to save for the future, or making lots of money but still wondering if it will be "enough," we live each day with a less than abundant relationship with money.

Much as with traditional medicine, we easily fall into the trap of thinking that if only we can get the pain to go away (fix our money problems), then everything will be fine: life will be fulfilling and abundant, we will be healthy again. (In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you actually joined a networking business to "fix your sore arm"!)

That's why it is so important for you to understand that your present financial situation and relationship with money is only the symptom, and not the cause. To create abundance in your business and your life, you must be willing to discover and "detoxify" your underlying thoughts and patterns of scarcity. Until you become aware of and reclaim your power from these underlying blocks and imbalances, your financial situation (your "sore arm") will improve only incrementally at best.


The Inside Creates the Outside

When it comes to abundance, in your networking business and your life, your internal condition creates your external circumstances--not the other way around. Money, an external, will never create abundance for you so long as your internal state is programmed for scarcity.

As you go about your external business-building activities today, this week, this month, be sure to devote some time to the equally-important internal activities that will support your overall health and abundance. Write in your Abundance Journal. Notice and interrupt any scarcity you experience; keep your energy flowing powerfully and abundantly. Focus on abundance; celebrate your completions. Have fun every day! Be the qualities that are congruent with abundance: empower yourself to be abundant!


is founder of Access Abundance,
an organization dedicated to helping people access greater levels of
abundance, freedom and fulfillment in their daily lives. She lives with her husband, Dan, in the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin.