In our lives and our businesses, we typically approach the challenges and opportunities we face from this perspective: we do the best we know how.

If we could add to our know-how, if we knew more about what it would take to be more effective in our relationships, more productive in our activities or more successful in reaching our goals, then we would surely alter our behavior to correspond with these insights. And indeed, we do this all the time.

In our efforts to achieve more, we increase what we know by dipping into the pool of what we don't know. By educating ourselves from the arena of what we don't know, this becomes part of what we do know. Thus we learn to do things a little better or a little differently, or doing some slightly new thing. These efforts, predictably, result in small, incremental increases in our effectiveness.

If you are computer illiterate and apply yourself to learning how to operate a computer, you have successfully taken something that you don't know and converted it into something you know. More than 95 percent of our efforts are spent in these two arenas: what we know, and what we don't know.

But our most extraordinary growth comes from outside either of these two arenas. Breakthrough growth comes from tapping the vast variety of ideas that we are blind to, not even knowing that they exist. This is the arena of what we don't know we don't know, and this is where breakthrough or ah-ha experiences occur.

"Great: but if I don't even know this fertile territory exists, if I'm blind to it, how can I gain access to it?"

With the help of a coach.


True Coaches

True coaches do not give advice or lend opinions. They are value-based, not ego-based. They do not manipulate or exploit to carry out their own agenda. They are not the same as counselors or therapists. They do not try to protect, control or rescue those they are coaching. Instead, they listen for where one may be experiencing challenges or may be missing some key element that, if put into place, would have an impact on a desired result.

Coaches support us in seeing something we may not be aware of by listening both to what we say and to what we leave out. They have empathy for the person being coached, but are not emotionally attached to an outcome. They serve to champion people to have their lives work optimally. They do this by asking questions, exploring possibilities, making requests and, at times, confronting issues that may need to be examined. Skilled coaching is a fine art and a highly valuable service.

Successful coaches:

A productive coaching relationship can focus on either a life or business project. In the realm of business or network marketing, a coaching relationship is often best undertaken within the context of a specific project or action plan that is grounded in time. By focusing on producing specific and measurable results, a coach can support a client to best work through any business stops or life challenges en route to the accomplishment of one's goals.

A coach can also assist in gaining clarity on all conditions of satisfaction that may be important to a project's fulfillment. Such conditions might include those non-measurable items that would need to take place for a project to be considered a success. These might include developing stronger relationships with family members, spending quality time with children, devoting a minimum amount of time daily to meeting one's own needs, taking a well deserved vacation, etc.

Many people mistakenly assume that they can be successful in business without being successful in other areas of their lives. Our businesses are an important component of our lives, but only one such component.

If there is an imbalance in any of the major areas of our lives, any business accomplishment will be somehow incomplete. For this reason, a good coach will support a client to adapt a whole-thinking perspective in which mastery of all areas of life is the ultimate goal. For this reason, personal development is an essential component of any business coaching relationship. As one undertakes the personal improvement process, increased business productivity will surely result.

An Olympic athlete in pursuit of a gold medal wouldn't think of undertaking such an accomplishment without the support of a coach. Whatever your particular gold medals may be, they warrant that same level of support!


DR. JOE RUBINO is an author, network marketer and coach.