Unlike training, coaching is a personalized approach that focuses on helping you develop your business more rapidly while producing satisfying results. Even if all is going well in your business, an effective coach can trigger your reaching even higher levels of success and adding enormously to your bottom-line profit--while having more fun in the bargain.

Your coach can help you benefit from your failures while you clarify your mission. You will become more effective in your execution of the basics and better able to analyze your options.

I used to tell people to "work smarter, not harder." What I'm emphasizing these days is "how to work less while accomplishing more." Becoming results-driven under the watchful eye of an industry-specific coach who is familiar with your program will renew your enthusiasm for your career.

Our profession has become increasingly sophisticated in the last few years. Gone are the days of the "Little Orphan Annie" testimonial: "Gosh, I made over $10,000 and I didn't even understand the compensation plan!" Those of us who consistently produce five figures a month or more know and teach exactly where that cash comes from; we never act as if it drops down from the sky.

Several years ago, I developed a one-on-one coaching program I now do in a 13-week "Boot Camp" group session. The promise of my interactive coaching program is that all participants will be able to at least double their income (regardless of how high it might be when they start during the 13 weeks). My participants "pay" me by agreeing to take on three to six interns and duplicate the program with the lesson plans I provide.

For example, Karen Imhoff, a mother of five who has been through my program, took her income from $3000 a month to over $6000 in her first month, with a quadrupling of her group volume in those first four weeks. She noted, "Just one year after entering MLM and seven months into my coaching support with Eileen, I am consistently earning over five figures a month."

You too can become 10 feet tall and bulletproof by working with the right coaching program. It could give you the distinct market advantage you have been seeking.

EILEEN SILVA is author of
numerous books and tapes and
co-developer of a computerized health software.