Why does Tiger Woods, the best golfer in the world, work with a coach? Why do network marketers, entrepreneurs, professional and Olympic athletes all benefit from coaching? Because coaching improves success. Good coaching often helps individuals attain levels of success they didn't even realize were possible.

In the past 16 years, I've been a high-performance coach for network marketers, entrepreneurs, and professional, Olympic and college athletes. One characteristic I have found in common with all these highly successful individuals is that they are coachable.

Marion Culhane, who has been a top 20 income-earner since she joined her company, credits her coachability in playing a big part in her success. Dan O'Brien, whose winning of the Olympic decathlon earned him the title "world's greatest athlete," credits his coach for helping him optimize his mental and physical training every day.

Here are some of the benefits that coaching can provide you and your team.

Create a strong "I want." Coaching will help define the business-builder's ideal future (vision). By helping a business-builder create a vision, a coach provides her with a powerful reason, a purpose for building her business. The stronger the want, the stronger the purpose, the greater the likelihood of business success.

Implement an exciting process. A good coach encourages and challenges positively and constructively. The challenge must meet the person's needs and be the right size (like Goldilocks and the Three Bears: not too big, not too small, just right!). A good coach will help your team set challenging but attainable goals that both downline and upline can commit to, providing a clear path of action that is both exciting and purposeful.

Build confidence. A coach builds confidence in several ways; the most straightforward is by educating on all aspects of the business. Attaining knowledge is part of creating confidence to operate and promote one's business. The greater one's confidence, the faster the business grows.

Develop deep loyalty. Support by the coach during challenging times (either personal or professional) builds friendship and allows team members to continue to learn their business. Support can create a deeper, more meaningful loyalty in your relationship with each other and to the business.

Build success patterns. Coaches provide positive feedback, acknowledgement and rewards that inspire and feel good. It could be a handshake, a hug, or anything that is meaningful to the person being acknowledged. This strengthens the relationships and builds a pattern of sustainable success. It is a well-known principle that behaviors that are rewarded increase in frequency--while those that are not are soon extinguished.


T.C. NORTH, Ph.D. coaches teams and individuals in sports and business to be higher performers.