Play to Win
Choosing Growth Over Fear in Work and Life

By Larry and Hersch Wilson

Although not a book about coaching, Play to Win can be used to coach anyone committed to thriving instead of merely surviving. Most people play not to lose (as distinct from playing to win): they risk as little as possible and hope to win by default, thereby giving up on the possibilities of a life rich in creation and fulfillment. True leaders and champions choose, even in the face of fear, to accept the risk while staying strong in their belief that on the road to success, there is no failure, only learning and growth.

This award-winning classic is a practical guide to unleashing human potential and enabling people to be the best they can be in all areas of life. To be read and reread by anyone who dares to risk change.


Hardcover; 251 pages; $24.95.


The Magic Lantern
A Fable about Leadership, Personal Excellence and Empowerment

By Dr. Joe Rubino

Through an interesting fable about dwarves, elves, goblins, trolls, dragons and wizards, reminiscent of Tolkien's The Hobbit, this book teaches you how to be happy and successful while realizing your magnificence. The message is simple: Live your life from a decision to create empowering interpretations about all of life's events, strive for excellence and contribute to others with a firm belief that we can all impact people and the world around us, and you will step into leadership and make a difference.

This enchanting story also provides the secrets to achieving business success, impacting people effectively with your communication, increasing your charisma and leading yourself to achieve a life of harmony and joy.

Paperback; 175 pages; $15.95.


Nonviolent Communication
A Language of Compassion

By Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

This practical and powerful guide provides excellent coaching on how to communicate compassionately in every situation. Using stories and examples, Rosenberg provides simple solutions to perplexing communication problems by revealing that, underneath our apparent differences, our needs are universal.

For several decades, Dr. Rosenberg has helped people to break patterns of thinking that lead to arguments, anger and distrust; honor and appreciate differences; and build communities based in mutual respect and understanding. Nonviolent Communication is a must-read for anyone committed to decreasing tension and conflict in relationships and creating world peace one person at a time.

Paperback; 212 pages; $17.95.

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