Everywhere you go in network marketing, you observe certain people who are enjoying great success. You might draw the conclusion that these "lucky few" are more educated, have better connections, enjoy family money, or bent a few rules and stepped on a few toes to get what they want. Chances are, it's none of these things: it's that they had a good coach.

Perhaps the following scenario is familiar: you try sticking a toe in the water of your dreams by writing out a shopping list of all the things you want, then select one from the top of the list that you've been told will motivate you...and then file it. Months later, you come across the list and nod as you say to yourself, "I knew it. I've worked all this time; nothing's changed. I haven't checked off one thing on this list. What was I thinking?"

On a number of occasions over the intervening time, you very likely bumped into your potential a few times. When that happens, for one electric, zinging, hair-standing-on-end moment, you're on top of your game. In a single moment, everything falls into place. But somehow, you can't quite hold onto that glorious discovery. Somehow, a knee-jerk thought, a rebuttal from your disbelieving mind, a negative comment from someone close to you ("Why don't you get a real job?") slams you back to the earth you know, to a life you're familiar with. A life you've settled for.

This is a mental cycle that 95 out of 100 people experience all too often. The power to block out the negatives just doesn't seem to be there.

It's not a nice place to live--and, it's where I spent the first 26 years of my life...until my first coach appeared on the scene. I didn't know to call him a "coach" at the time, that's what he was.

He suggested that it was time to stop merely brushing shoulders with my potential. Along with coaching me toward my own success, my coach also helped me develop and benefit from a team of like-minded individuals, a Mastermind group. I've had a coach ever since. Most successful professionals do.

When you get the proper coach, you'll find your potential becomes your closest friend; the goals and dreams you couldn't even put into words before now fall into your life like a row of snaking dominos.

I have coached people for many years, sharing with them what my coaches have shared with me. If you're sitting on the fence, trying to decide whether or not to seek help, I'll give you the same advice I've given every one of them:

All you have to do is make the decision. Decide that your life is worth more. Decide that you are going to create a legacy. Get a coach. n


BOB PROCTOR is Publisher of Networking Times.