April 2004 Issue
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John David Mann

Through the Eyes of a Coach

A Conversation with Brian Biro, author of Beyond Success

By John David Mann

Brian Biro is like a Pied Piper in reverse: one cannot help but follow him, but where he leads people is not away from but back to the discovery of themselves. Brian began his career with eight years as a United States Swimming Coach, building his team of fifteen young swimmers into one of the largest private swim teams in the United States. After taking his swim teams to a place of national prominence, Brian brought his passion for coaching and team-building to the corporate world, where he helped engineer a dramatic turnaround at Lynden Air Freight that resulted in the company tripling its size in just three years and earning national acclaim as a leader in customer service and convenience. Four-time winner of Inc. magazine's "People's Choice Top Speaker," Brian has coached dozens of organizations to greater levels of passion and performance. His book Beyond Success: The 15 Secrets of a Winning Life remains in the top one-half percent at a decade after it first appeared. In this conversation, Brian talks about parenthood, why network marketers are unique, and what it means to coach.

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