Lady Liberty

In 1865, France gave us a giant statue of a torch-bearing woman, titled, "Liberty enlightening the world." What better role model could networkers ask for?


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Our Times

A panel of four guest editors on the question, "What do (networking) women want?"



On the Field

Shannon Anima

Watching her son play soccer, Shannon Anima reflects on the nature of the game of life, whether on the soccer field or in network marketing; on dealing with opposition (from within and without), coping with limitations and setbacks, and what defines a winner.



Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far?

Paula Pritchard

There was a time when warm-market recruiting was the mainstay of the business, and cold-market recruiting was a specialty practiced by the few. These days, hardly anyone wants to talk to people they know. Common sense tells us that each has its benefits as well as disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses. Is there a happy medium here?



Dealing With Harsh Criticism

Janelle Hail

Network marketing's glory is at times also its biggest challenge: this is, above all else, a people business. When someone in your organization criticizes your performance, it can be devastating. Janelle Hail, founder and CEO of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, offers this step-by-step recipe for keeping it all in perspective.



Think Big, Be Big

Lisa Jimenez

When Lisa Jimenez learned that her sister had cancer, she also saw a magnificent example of someone mobilizing the power of positive thinking; she saw her sister become a survivor before her eyes, months before her actual physical condition caught up with her change in attitude. The same principles can be applied, says master networker Lisa, to all aspects of your life and business.



Betting On You

Teresa Romain

The immensely popular book and film Seabiscuit has become an instant classic of the story America likes best: the underdog coming out on top a winner, proving once again that the "little guy" has as much of a shot at success as the next guy. Yet what the story also shows, says Romain, is that the "standards and norms" by which we judge our chances of success may be the very enemy of that success.



Smart Wife, Rich Wife

Long before the first copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad ever saw a Barnes and Noble shelf, Robert Kiyosaki had become part of a life partnership bound for great things. Kim Kiyosaki, who has been side-by-side with Robert as his partner in business as in life, has seen both good times and bad; slept in a car when they were homeless and gone through a year of wrenching soul-searching. Today, Kim is a leading champion of women, tirelessly leading a campaign for women to break free of a societal mold of financial dependence and learn to invest in themselves.



Know Thy Customer

"An innovator most likely to create visionary ripple effects," said The World Technology Network; Business 2.0 hailed her as "one of the nineteen most important business gurus of the past century." However you measure it, Martha Rogers, Ph.D., co-author of The One to One Future (widely regarded as the "bible of the customer strategy revolution"), has emerged over the past decade as one of the world's leading experts on customer-based business strategies.



The Force For Good Foundation

When Sandie Tillotson sat in her living room kicking around the idea of starting her own network marketing business with a friend, they asked themselves, when they were successful, what would they do with that success? The answer came back readily and irrevocably: "We knew we wanted to do good in the world." Twenty years later, that business is today one of the most successful in the industry and its Force for Good Foundation helps children worldwide.



Mary Nelson: It's Getting Better and Better

Mary Nelson started a career in real estate so she could have more time with her young children. Her career was fabulously successful--but she had less time free than ever. One day she went to what she thought was a presentation about a real estate opportunity--and discovered network marketing. By the time her children were in junior high, she had that free time she'd wanted with them. Now, entering her third decade of networking, she says it's getting better and better.


Arlene Lowy: Richest Mom at the Bus Stop

Before her son Jordan was born, Arlene lived a career in Special Education that was short in duration but long on life lessons. It taught her how debilitating it was for kids to be told "they couldn't"--and how much they needed to be told "they could." It also taught her how much she abhorred rigid rules and inflexible systems. Today, nearly 20 years later, Arlene has put those lessons to good use.



Dorothy Patterson: Good for the Soul

When Dorothy and Pat Patterson moved from Michigan to California with their two young children, their finances went from bad to worse. Dorothy literally got down on her knees and prayed for something that would change the course of their lives. Today, more than three decades later, she reflects back on riches, both material, emotional and spiritual, that have blessed her life in network marketing.



"What Am I Giving Up?"

Julie Abarzua

When Annie Hunter goes to enroll in her sponsor's business, she's greeted with a question that stops her cold: "What are you giving up?" Among other things she's giving up, she realizes, is "my right to blame anyone or anything outside myself for what I don't like about my life."



Chumps or Champs?

Steve Siebold

"Mental Toughness" coach Siebold defines a "chump" as "a nice person who doesn't believe in himself and has not yet experienced above-average success"-- and invariably expects something for nothing.



How to Partner Your Calls

Amy Posner

The cardinal enemy of productive prospecting is procrastination; everyone does it, nobody is immune. And one of the easiest and most effective ways to beat procrastination is to buddy up with a partner and make your calls a partnership event. Posner, co-founder of an Internet lead company, shows you how.



Find the Other Guy's Elephant

Bob Burg

We tend to think everyone sees things as we do; "normal," as a friend of Burg's puts it, "is what I am." It's only human and natural to slip into this pattern--and it may well be scuttling your capacity to present effectively to your prospects.



Ten Questions

Hilton Johnson

Sales coach Hilton Johnson (of MLM University) gives a primer of ten questions designed to give you complete control over your presentation, while at the same time completely honoring your prospects.



Selling By the Numbers

Dawn Siebold

One secret of successful salespeople is they know how to keep track of their numbers--and do so, constantly and consistently. The power of knowing your numbers is two-fold, says Siebold: it allows you to track your own business effectively, thereby improving your performance, and it's a great tool for making a powerful presentation.



Network Marketing at the Oscars

John David Mann

It's Oscar season; here are four films from the last few years (okay, the last twelve) that every networker ought to see. Each has something powerful to say--for better and, in some cases, for worse--about the human condition and (at least obliquely) our noble profession.