In their journey of writing The Journey, Julie Abarzua and her editor, John David Mann, have accomplished the same thing I sought to do over a decade ago in my book, The Greatest Networker in the World--only they've done it better. (John David, my oldest living friend was my editor for that book, too; in fact, I recommended him to Julie.)

In The Journey, Julie shares with you profound and practical life lessons through a most detailed, engaging and compelling telling of a story. The learning passes through those barriers we all erect when being told what to do, instead diving deep down within us by showing through her narrator Annie Hunter's life and times. Brilliant.

What Julie has done better than I is the feeling part. Had I known what I know now about the importance and power of feeling when I wrote my book a dozen years ago, perhaps I would have done that, too. Point is, Julie has--exquisitely. The Journey is not so much a book you will read--and I promise you will thoroughly enjoy your reading--as it is a book you will feel.

If Julie's Annie is walking in some of the same footsteps trod by my Nameless Narrator twelve years earlier, those footsteps have in her story grown with such style and grace to become way more than a blossom into a marvelous dance.

Now, a confession. I didn't really want to write this review. I'm way too busy. Besides, most of the books people ask me to review aren't very good, and I hate that. But I said "Yes" to two people I like and love, and so I finally sat down to write this only because I said I would...which of course meant I needed first to sit down and look through my e-mailed manuscript of the book.

Well, Julie and John got me. I should have known they would. The Journey is full of wonder and The Journey is wonderful!

I envy you reading a finished, printed copy. I cannot wait for my own. When I have it, I will sit with my wife, Katyusha, and we will read it aloud to one another. I'll probably have to stop two or three times (or maybe more than two or three), feeling too much at that moment to keep on reading. And I'll be so proud of Julie and what she's written and of how very good it is, and of how very many people The Journey will connect with deeply and meaningfully--and through the connecting, help them journey on to living more and better lives.

Enjoy your copy of The Journey. I promise that with it, you will enjoy your own journey so much more.

Paperback, $13.00; 280 pages; Networkers Plus LLC.