How often do you experience struggle, frustration, overwhelm, procrastination, pressure or less than desired results in your business and life? If you're at all like most people (and most of us are), your answer is something like, "more often than I'd wish," or, "too often," or even "constantly!"

Have you in fact come to see overwhelm, procrastination, frustration and pressure as normal? Again, if you're like most people, chances are you have, at least to some degree. After all, everyone seems to experience them, right?

Perhaps. But what does this word "normal" really mean?

Webster's New World Dictionary defines "normal" as: "conforming with an accepted standard or norm." Which begs the question, who or what is the basis for that "standard or norm"? And more importantly, does that accepted standard or norm actually support you and your abundance, or does it disempower and limit you?

Normal vs. Natural

A lot of people in the world have allergies, lack energy or get sick often, right? In fact, hasn't being sick become normal for a lot of people? But just because it's "normal," does that make it natural to be sick? Of course not!

The same is true for your business and your life. While overwhelm, procrastination, frustration and pressure are conditions you might consider "normal," that doesn't make them natural! The same holds true for scarcity: normal, perhaps, in the sense of "commonly true"--but most assuredly not natural.

In fact, to the degree that you or any of your associates consider any of these experiences (in your business or any area of your life) to be normal, you have set yourself up to experience more of the same! If, on a conscious or subconscious level, you have thoughts such as, "That's the way it is," or, "That's what it takes," or, "That's the price I have to pay," or, "I shouldn't expect anything else," then you are making procrastination, frustration, struggle, overwhelm and less-than-desired results an ongoing part of your reality.

Just as our bodies are designed to be healthy, we are predisposed by our intrinsic design to experience success and abundance. These are our natural state: success and abundance is already a part of who we are, they are in our nature waiting to be expressed.

So, how to reach that state, coming from the unnatural state of scarcity? As with the process of healing the body, we start by detoxifying those thoughts, patterns and beliefs that create our "dis-ease"--a lack of ease--in our businesses and our lives. In doing so, our natural ability for abundance and success is revealed, grows and strengthens.

A Championship Team of Losers

Consider the example of Seabiscuit, the champion race horse recently repopularized by the best-selling book and movie.

Seabiscuit had the potential for success and abundance within him, only nobody recognized it at first, because Seabiscuit didn't look like, act like or run like a champion race horse. He didn't conform to the "standard" for race horses. Pressure was put on him to conform and act like a "normal" race horse, including frequent whippings by the jockeys who rode him; but nothing worked, so Seabiscuit was used as a training horse, boosting the other, "normal" race horses' confidence by letting them catch up, run even and then pass him. In other words, he was now actually being conditioned to lose--and lose is exactly what he did, again and again....

Until another loser, aging horse trainer Tom Smith, recognized the winner hidden inside Seabiscuit. Smith persuaded bereaved father Charles Howard to purchase Seabiscuit, and misfit half-blind jockey Red Pollard to ride him. Thus began Seabiscuit's "detoxification" process. As Tom Smith reflects in the movie, "He has to unlearn a lot of what he has learned so he can remember how to be a horse again."

Like Seabiscuit, a lot of us have been conditioned to lose. For the great majority, struggle, frustration, scarcity, limited success and results are the norm. (Even in network marketing, statistics indicate that only a small percentage of people who get involved actually experience significant success, right?) And because we consider these things normal we reinforce and perpetuate them...even while telling ourselves (and others) that we would wish for things to be different.

Like Seabiscuit, we have much to unlearn so we can remember how to be the champions we were born to be.

Forget "Normal"!

The "accepted standard or norm" of Charles Howard's day served only to disempower the young misfit mustang. The only way that the team of horse, rider, trainer and owner could possibly have achieved the extraordinary and unlikely results they did was to utterly disregard "normal." In so doing, they helped to lift an entire nation from the agonizing paralysis of the Great Depression.

I invite you to look at the possibility that those "norms" you may have accepted as normal not only are not natural, they also may not serve you in any way whatsoever.

Now, you might say, "Yes, but I'm not Seabiscuit, or Charles Howard, or Tom Smith." True enough; you are, however, you! There is none other like you; there is no norm.

I invite you to begin to detoxify and unlearn some of what you've learned that limits and disempowers you, so that you can "remember how to be a horse again."

If you do, 2004 could be your championship season--one in which you rise to your own potential, in which you recognize, express, develop and grow the natural success and abundance within you that, when honored, will lead to abundant results!

See you at the races!

Teresa Romain is founder of Access Abundance, an organization dedicated to helping people access greater levels of abundance, freedom and fulfillment in their daily lives. She lives with her husband, Dan, in the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin.