As a full time networker for the past 15 years, I've introduced our profession to a lot of women representing virtually every demographic I can think of: from women just starting their careers to those who have reached the pinnacle of success; from entry level workers to CEOs; from women looking for a change or new challenge to women just getting back to work after having children. For all the times I have asked a prospect, "What are you looking to get out of this business?" the answers have been as varied as the women giving them.

Speaking for myself, this remarkable profession has allowed me to realize all my dreams at the many and various stages of my life.

When I first started, I was 22 years old and fresh out of college. I loved the idea that starting my own network marketing business meant my income potential was unlimited, that I could truly control how much I earned. No other "job" offered me that opportunity.

The heck with "day care"--my kids have been in my care from the start!
Before I had children, I was thrilled that my networking company offered me the opportunity to expand my business nationally and internationally. I took advantage of this lack of boundaries and enjoyed traveling the world--and was thrilled at the opportunity for these new and exciting experiences.

Once I began to settle down and have children, I appreciated ever so much the fact that I didn't have to take "maternity leave" for a set amount of time, nor did I have to return to an office weeks later, only to leave my kids behind in some amorphous and unknown "day care." The heck with "day care"--my kids have been in my care from the start!

As my children grew and began to engage in different activities, I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to build my business around my children's active schedules. And never having to miss anything because of work? I couldn't even begin to put a price tag on that.

Today, thanks to the income stream I've built through our profession, I'm afforded the opportunity to diversify my income into other business ventures and am gifted with the capacity to give back to charities that touch my heart.

As I migrate into the next stages of my life, I can only imagine the joy I will have if and when my children or grandchildren join me in my business...or the piece of mind I will have when I'm ready to retire, knowing full well that I can do so without having to cut back or adjust my lifestyle in any way.

What do women want? I can't speak for all women, but this woman wants it all--only spread out at different stages in her life!

LAURA KALL is president of Gabriel Media Group, Inc.,
publishers of Networking Times.