I wanted to have it all: a successful career, a happy family life and plenty of time to pursue my other interests. I spent a lot of time and effort building my professional career in medicine. However, what I found was that I was working harder and harder just to keep up--and having less and less time for my family and all the other things that were important to me.

When I was introduced to network marketing, it was the concept of "leverage" that really appealed to me. I had an opportunity to meet some of the top income earners in network marketing, people who had come from all walks of life. What these people had in common was that they had started with a company, worked hard for a few years to build a network of associates and now they had the time freedom to enjoy the income they earned. And that, I realized, was what I wanted most: freedom. It was the desire for this freedom that led me to redirect my attention, away from a traditional medical practice with no leverage and toward building a network marketing business with the opportunity for optimum leverage.

Over the years since, I've had the opportunity to work with many successful women in network marketing. While they have had different goals and passions, different lifestyles and desires, they have all seemed to gravitate toward network marketing for the freedom it offered.

The freedom in networking is about more than just "free time," it's the kind of freedom that opens the door to a whole world of possibilities.
The freedom in networking is about more than just "free time," it's the kind of freedom that opens the door to a whole world of possibilities. It's the freedom to achieve without limitations and glass ceilings; the freedom to live where we want, move when we want and retire when we see fit.

Networking offers us the freedom to have a career and build a family at the same time, without having to sacrifice one for the other. It's the freedom to set our own work hours and change those hours if needed.

Networking offers us the freedom to truly contribute to others, to feel--no, not just feel, to know--that we are making a difference in the world. The ability to show people a way to achieve their goals, whether it's overcoming a difficult financial situation, escaping the stress of corporate life or spending more time with family; having that ability can provide a woman with the kind of personal satisfaction that's hard to find in the competitive world of traditional business.

What many women want is the kind of freedom that is attainable through building a networking business.

And what else do women want? Appreciation for their efforts, recognition for their achievements, positive relationships with positive people and opportunities for personal growth.

JANE ADLER KARLSBERG, M.D. is a practicing physician and a network marketer.