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January 2004    
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Robert Fritz
Lead Story:
Robert Fritz

Randy Gage
NT Interview:
Randy Gage

Michael J. Burns
Heart of Business:
Michael J. Burns

Margie Aliprandi
Master Networker:
Margie Aliprandi

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Creating What Matters
Robert Fritz, author of the classic, The Path of Least Resistance, is a true Renaissance man: musician, painter, filmmaker, screenwriter, teacher, trainer, organizational development specialist, business consultant, entre- preneur. His latest book, Your Life As Art, delves deep into the spirit of the creative process; many are calling it his best book yet.

Your Life Equals What You Believe
One of the world’s leading authorities on the power of thoughts over cir- cumstances, Randy Gage transformed from a down-and-out business failure to a multi-millionaire, philanthropist and one-man business phe- nomenon. The lessons learned along the way have inspired millions around the world.

Serving People on the Margins
The Seattle-based Pioneer Human Services has been hailed by everyone from Newsweek to the Wall Street Journal as “an inventive hybrid for the 21st century” and pioneer of a new type of entrepreneurial nonprofit.

The Value Lies in Who You Become
Margie Aliprandi was newly divorced and needed to provide for her three young children—a need that led to both a lifestyle and a mission beyond anything she could have imagined.

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The Roots of Success
With over three decades invested in a successful dental practice, Roger Boger walked away from it one day—for a business that better supported his life’s purpose.

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Teammates for Life
One fresh out of college and the other still in, the Gottesman brothers dis- covered a career that has since blossomed into an extraordinary partner- ship and lifestyle.

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