Believe and Succeed
Everyone wants to win, but some do, and many don't. There is one thing--and only one--that makes the difference.

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Two editors' "Top Five" books on belief Can readers be compensated for promoting Networking Times? Trends and signs of these networking times Quotations from famous thinkers on the nature of belief.

Our Times
A panel of four guest editors on the question, "How do you acquire a new belief?"

Get Rich Slow
John Milton Fogg
Subtitled "The Four Cornerstones of Network Marketing," this is a primer on the principles Fogg considers the foundation of a successful networking business, distilling over three decades of his work in personal development, coaching and network marketing.

"What Will My Friends Think?"
Robert T. Kiyosaki
Illustrating the lesson with a story from his own past, when he was first leaving the safety of a corporate position to pursue his own business, America's favorite financial coach talks about the difficulties of striking out on your own on a path others may think of unconventional, risky, or even downright foolhardy

Why "It" Wasn't Working
Mark Helsel
Mark Helsel found himself alone, broke and desperate in an apartment in Germany, on the brink of complete failure. He called his States-side sponsor for some words of sympathy; instead, he got a lesson he never forgot--and one that triggered a process of self-reflection that lead to extraordinary success.

How to Fail Toward Success
Anne Marie Braugh
The pursuit of perfection can become a daunting stumbling block; indeed, one of the master's keys to eventual success is to give oneself permission to make an initial effort that may turn out very poorly. Permission to fail, ironically, is part of the formula for sure-fire success.

What State Are You In?
Teresa Romain
In two different instances, the exact same course of action can lead to categorically different results. How is that possible? A successful outcome can depend upon not the actions you take, but the state in which you take those actions. Abundance coach Romain takes a look at why this is so, and what you can do to ensure a state of success.

Creating What Matters
Robert Fritz is a true Renaissance man: musician, composer, painter, filmmaker, screenwriter, teacher, trainer, organizational development specialist, business consultant, entrepreneur and master of the art and science of creating. One of the pioneers of human development and author of the best-selling classic, The Path of Least Resistance, Robert has trained more than 80,000 people in 27 countries. His latest book, Your Life As Art, delves deep into the spirit of the creative process; many are calling it his best book yet.

Your Life Equals What You Believe
Sometimes called "the modern-day answer to Napoleon Hill" and "a Jedi master of wealth and prosperity," Randy Gage transformed from a down-and-out business failure to a multi-millionaire, philanthropist and one-man business phenomenon--and the lessons learned along the way have inspired millions around the world. Author of the legendary "Escape the Rat Race" audio tape, Randy is indisputably one of the world's leading authorities on the power of thoughts over circumstances.

Serving People on the Margins
Michael J. Burns once specialized in working with ailing companies, helping them get their feet under them. Today, he does something a little different: he runs a company that works with individual people to help them get their feet under them. The Seattle-based Pioneer Human Services has been hailed by everyone from former president George Bush (senior) to Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal as "an inventive hybrid for the 21st century" and pioneer of a new type of entrepreneurial nonprofit.

Margie Aliprandi: Bonded to a Mission
Margie Aliprandi was at a crossroads. The former school teacher found herself newly divorced and needing to provide for her three young children. A chance encounter with a friend who had a product looking for a marketing home led Margie to discover a new network marketing company. Over the following decade and a half, the new enterprise would lead not only to financial success, but to an entirely new sense of mission as well.

Roger A. Boger, DDS: Living the American Dream
Roger Boger (the last name's pronounced with a long "o") had spent over three decades in the pursuit of a successful dental career; yet one day he up and walked away from it all, for once and forever. What Roger had discovered was an extraordinary business opportunity--and one that would allow him not only to provide for his family and help others, but also fulfill a larger sense of purpose.

Dan and Tim Gottesman: Brothers, Partners and Friends
Fresh out of college, Dan Gottesman called his brother Tim--who was still in college--and said, "I think I've found a way for us to get rich." Thus began a lengthy adventure in entrepreneurial enterprise, self-knowledge and personal growth that has led to brothers to live a life of friendship, leadership and personal fulfillment that has exceeded both their expectations.

The Journey
Julie Abarzua
In this, our second excerpt of the forthcoming novel, the story's narrator, Annie Hunter, pursues a connection she has made on the Internet with a woman who holds sessions of Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow™ game; her first casual meeting with the woman in a coffee shop leads her into some unexpected self-reflection.

Creating World-Class Consciousness
Steve Siebold
How would you like to be able to recruit world-class performers into your organization? The key, says Siebold, is to understand the different levels of belief at which people operate--five levels of consciousness he terms poverty, working-class, middle-class, upper-class and world-class.

Belief in Action
Bob Burg
Through a charming and touching transcript of a real-life online correspondence, our master of networking shows a student's struggle to transcend her own self-limiting beliefs and put her fledgling networking business onto a new and more productive track.

"I'm Already Looking ­ What've You Got?"
Amy Posner
Co-founder of a successful lead generation company, Amy Posner offers this primer on making your initial contact with a new Internet-generated "cold-market" lead work best to both your advantage. An exceptionally practical and intelligent approach from someone who knows the market well.

Networking University
Glenn Head
Two years ago, the founders of Networking Times had an idea for a true "career path" training program that would utilize the best and the brightest as faculty and help ensure new networkers' success. In this article, the Dean of Networking University explains how that idea has grown and where it is today.

The Foundation of Your Business
Dawn Siebold
One of the greatest fallacies in our profession is that the lifeblood of the business is the recruitment of more business-builders. Not so, says Siebold: the lifeblood of our business is customers. Indeed, building your business upon a duplicable customer base creates a model of unparalleled power and stability.

The Close
The Sky's the Limit
John David Mann
Like the vast vault of life's possibilities, the sky seems so distant, so huge, so inaccessible. But the truth is, you have your nose in it, breathing it, at this moment. Lift your line of sight up off the horizon of the already-accomplished and dream: the new year contains breathtaking possibilities.