Have you ever asked yourself, "What do I want to create with my life?" I'm not talking about the "I'll think I'll be a [fill in the blank]" that took so many of us down the primrose path toward our first job or even our first career. But the question of the ages, "What is the purpose of my life." If you've asked this question in earnest and really want to explore an answer, you're going to love Robert Fritz's newest creation, Your Life as Art.

Fritz, the closest thing to a Renaissance man since the Renaissance, has devoted his life to understanding the creative process and applying it to business and personal effectiveness. His insights have led him to consider the impact we could have on our lives if we approached our lives in the same manner as an artist does in creating a painting, a poem, a song or a sculpture.

We all live our lives, says Fritz, but have we ever stopped to consider how we create them? Is there a mindset that enhances the creative process? What role does the human spirit play in creating what matters to us in our lives? Is there an approach that will be more likely to realize our dreams, goals and visions?

Important questions? After all, it's your life, isn't it? Rather than react to your circumstances, why not create your own masterpiece?

Robert Fritz the artist morphs into Robert Fritz the consultant and takes the reader on a journey through the creative process, pointing out the importance of a few simple, key relationships (your current reality to your goals, dreams and visions, for example) in influencing the outcomes in your life.

Fritz the teacher further explains the orientations that detract or enhance the creative process. He provides ground-breaking insights into the ways one can obscure current reality with versions clouded by worldviews, concepts, beliefs and prejudices. Ultimately, the reader is drawn to realize that "the truth is okay," and that he or she is okay. This is where the real journey of creating our future begins. Fritz the composer and filmmaker demonstrates the art of creating tension and resolving it, knowing that people everywhere connect to these universal elements of the storyteller's craft.

Many years ago, Robert Fritz recognized the parallels between life and art, understood how the interplay is imitative, and came to realize the role this structure plays in creating the remarkable and recurring patterns of our lives. The marvel of Fritz's work resides in the concept of creating and managing this structural tension. Whether applied to a business or to an individual, his truth holds the answers to creating what you want in your own life, internally and externally.

The bottom line; if you're interested in creating a life characterized by fulfillment and significance, this book may just be The Handbook you've been looking for.

Paperback, 240 pages; $18.95; Newfane Press (2003)