How would you like to be able to recruit world-class performers into your organization? Sounds good, doesn't it?

World-class performers are a very special group of people. They control 96 percent of the wealth in America; CEOs and senators return their phone calls; they live like royalty and make no apologies for their success. Sponsoring one of these people is the equivalent of sponsoring an army of middle-class performers.

There's only one catch: you have to think and behave like a world-class performer in order to attract one. What does that look like?

In our Mental Toughness University Program, we talk about the five levels of consciousness:


Poverty Consciousness.

The people in this group are barely surviving. Their thought processes are the primary reason they struggle, and they remain in this class unless and until they upgrade their thinking.


Working-Class Consciousness

These people are workers, lunch bucket toters; their main goal in life is to survive and be reasonably comfortable while doing so.


Middle-Class Consciousness

These folks make up the majority of the population. The defining mindset of the middle class is, "Thank God it's Friday!" The middle class dream of easy money and easy living; they are the pleasure seekers of the world. They live for television, happy hour, and any other activity where effort is minimal and pleasure is king.


Upper-Class Consciousness

This group comprises perhaps ten percent of the population. These are your ego-driven, power-hungry, type A personalities who value winning above all else. Many of these people are great performers, but their egos will always hold them back from true greatness.


World-Class Consciousness

This is, of course, the highest level of consciousness on our scale. In our program, we affectionately refer to them as "the great ones."

Quite unlike the middle class or upper class, the world class work from a mindset of love and abundance. They have transcended the ego needs of competition and moved into cooperation. Winning doesn't mean beating someone else, it means becoming the best that you can be. It means what Abraham Maslow described as self-actualization, becoming what one has the potential to become.

The world class operate from their spirit and tend to be extremely generous with other people, even so-called competitors. Since they operate from abundance, they see no reason not to share their secrets with anyone who chooses to listen. They tend to be extremely attractive and influential to other people. Their credibility, both personally and professionally, makes them excellent candidates to become professional networkers.

Here are three steps you can take to raise your consciousness to the world-class level.


1. Build a Mentor Team

This is a group of people who already possess world-class consciousness and are willing to mentor you for the purpose of raising your level of expectation and ultimately helping you ascend to the world class.

Put together a list of the 25 most successful people you know, then narrow that list to your top five. Humbly approach those five people and ask them for five minutes per month to mentor you. Tell them that you know they're busy and you will never abuse the five-minute time limit. Explain that you will email, fax or phone with your question or questions in advance of your five-minute meeting.

Most people will be flattered that you asked and will tend to accept--if they trust you not to abuse their generosity. When we formed Gove-Siebold Group in 1997, Bill Gove and I asked 16 of the most successful professional speakers in the world to join our national board of advisors; 15 out of 16 accepted, and those people have served as trusted advisors and helped us build a very successful company. You can do the same.


2. Build World-Class Thinking

Get as much exposure to the world-class way of thinking as possible. Network with successful people, attend their fundraisers, join their clubs, read their books, become a student of greatness.

The world class run the world and there's a reason they do: the way they think. The more exposure you get to their habits, traits and thought processes, the more it will rub off on you. These people aren't lucky, they're skilled. The way they think allows them to do the things they do. Study them as if you were a scientist, and you will begin to understand why they are where they are.


3. Avoid Poisonous Thinking

Limit your exposure to the middle-class consciousness; avoid working-class and poverty consciousness like the plague. Going pro is serious business; most people think like amateurs. You don't have the luxury of being exposed to the thought poison of the masses. Most people are operating from a scarcity-based, fear-driven mentality that dictates everything they say and do--and this disease is highly contagious!

You can quickly identify a person's consciousness by his language. The masses are cynical, while the world class are highly optimistic, and how they talk will reveal how they think.


As you adopt the traits and thought processes of the great ones, you will begin recruiting from this elevated consciousness; when you do that, you'll automatically start attracting other world-class performers.

How many world-class leaders do you need on your team to make all of your dreams come true?


STEVE SIEBOLD is co-founder
of the Gove-Siebold Group, a training organization that helps networkers develop world-class communication skills.