It was the last day of a National Speakers Association conference in the beautiful Islands of Bermuda. Like most people at the conference, I was inspired by all the great information and fired up about the possibilities I was going to act on in my business. Or so I thought.

I was sitting in the hotel lobby with Randy Gage, talking about building our speaking businesses. "You could speak to XYZ Company," Randy suggested.

"No," I replied. "I need to finish my doctorate degree before I market to companies like XYZ."

"What about speaking for ABC Company," he continued.

"I don't think so; that's a male market. I speak better to female markets."

"Oka-ay," he said slowly. "What about creating a keynote for the XYZ industry?" That sounded good at first, but then I thought, "I have three children and a husband who isn't too supportive of this career. What would happen if...."

The conversation went on like this until Randy looked me straight in the eye and said, "Lisa, you are afraid of success."

What would you say to that? I argued, "No, I'm not! What do you know, anyway? You don't have the demands of aren't even married!"

Randy is the kind of friend who knows how to read between the words and has the courage to say what he sees. He repeated, "You're afraid of really making it in this business."

I pondered that statement for a long time. I knew he was right. I began to root out all the real reasons I was afraid of making it.

Me, a professional speaker? Ha! Who was I kidding? I grew up in an era when good girls were seen and not heard. Would I be a good mother with the demands of a successful career? Would I lose my friends? I enjoyed my life and was comfortable. Why rock the boat?

I took out a sheet of paper and wrote the word "Millionaire" at the top; under that, I listed all the connotations I came up with. What I found was a belief system that shocked me. No wonder I was struggling. No wonder I was sabotaging any success that came my way. I had powerfully negative beliefs about success, money, and especially women entrepreneurs and female millionaires. I began to systematically apply these two steps:

1) Tell the truth and expose the self-limiting belief;

2) Replace it with an empowering belief.

After nine short months, I had acquired a six-figure consulting contract and had tripled my business. It was amazing.

What about you? What negative beliefs are holding you back that you need to expose and replace? Take out a sheet of paper.... You really can change your life by changing your beliefs!


LISA JIMENEZ is a veteran
network marketing leader; her Conquer Fear! collection is available at