A key strategy for a happier and more successful life is to create new empowering beliefs that support your goals. While this sounds like a great idea, sometimes we have a problem actually believing our new belief. We attempt to shift an old, limiting belief, but wind up creating conflict in our minds between the new belief and the old one that we'd wanted to change.

There are numerous techniques you can use to strengthen your newly adopted belief; one of the easiest to implement is to use references to support your new belief. References are the "proof" that support and uphold your beliefs.

Whatever beliefs you have, they are supported by references. Developing a new belief is simply a matter of creating new references. For example, if you consider yourself a good driver, it is because you have references from your past experience that support this belief.

One of the ways I first strengthened the belief that I was a good salesperson was to look back over my life and find references from past activities that upheld and supported my new belief. When I was younger and in a band, I served as the band's official representative and sold our services to play in nightclubs and at parties. In non-sales jobs, I realized, I often sold my ideas to bosses, colleagues and, yes, my wife. All these served to support and strengthen the belief that I do well in sales.

If you want to create beliefs about your ability to succeed as a network marketer, look back over your life and find times when you exhibited the same abilities and skills you'll need now to become more successful. These are your references. Where in your life did you use leadership and people skills to accomplish some task? For example, many stay-at-home moms overlook the skills they've developed raising a family and running a household, not realizing they can use these same skills in business.

If you want to begin strengthening the belief that you are successful as an independent business owner, begin noticing the little bits of evidence that support this new you. Every time you do something well, something that supports your new successful image, write it down. Celebrate your successes, however small they may seem. Doing this regularly will strengthen your new belief, imprinting it deeply on your subconscious until you see the results in your life.

What you believe is what you become.


JIM DONOVAN is a speaker
and the author of several books, including
Handbook to a
Happier Life (New World Library). A free subscription to his personal growth e-zine is available at www.networkingtimes.com/link/jdonovan