Five Books Which Have Most Influenced My Beliefs

By Bob Burg


Atlas Shrugged

By Ayn Rand (Politics/Economics)

In the form of a novel, this 1000-page classic expertly demonstrates why capitalism is the system most beneficial to all people, rich and poor alike; and how punishing those individuals who are responsible for creating the wealth (through burdensome taxation and government regulation) can bring the economy, and the entire country, to a standstill.


The Great

Libertarian Offer

By Harry Browne (Politics)

The moment government steps out of the chains which bind it to the Constitution, the nation suffers. Browne expertly demonstrates why the bromide, "Government which governs least governs best," is truer today than it was even at the very formation of our country. With incredible documentation, he shows how every single unconstitutional government program ever invented by big government (yes, this includes both Democrats and Republicans) has only made worse the problems it purported to solve...and typically hurts most the very people it is intended to help. From the bankrupt Social Security "Ponzi Scheme" to the destruction of our health care system; from the war on poverty to the war on drugs and every government boondoggle in between, after reading this book, you'll never again ask the government to do what the free market and human compassion can do much better.


The Science of

Getting Rich

By Wallace D. Wattles (Personal Development)

Written in 1910, this is a step-by-step guide to creating wealth by using your mind. The three main principles espoused by Wattles are "desire," "faith" (the belief that you'll have what you desire) and "gratitude." The genius lies in how he explains and demonstrates exactly how to create. One of his most significant premises is that, using his method, we can forever live on the "creative plane" rather than on the "competitive plane."


How To Win Friends and Influence People

By Dale Carnegie (Personal Development)

The more things change, the more they stay the same. When desiring to succeed--in any area of your life--people skills always trump technical skills. This book is the definitive guide to learning how to become a positive persuader. Combining timeless principles of human interaction with real-life success stories, the author shows you how you can be much more effective in dealing with difficult people and situations.

How To Master the

Art of Selling

By Tom Hopkins (Sales)

Hopkins' sales masterpiece was the very first book I ever read on the topic of sales. It took me from a motivated person with no skills, to a motivated person with an arsenal of skills that would help me serve a large number of customers and clients. Before reading this book, I never knew there was actually a skill, a method, a system to selling. This book forever changed my knowledge level when it came to sales, and my belief level when it came to the worthiness of the profession of sales.



My Top Five Books on Belief: How and Why They Helped Me

By Steve Siebold


Play to Win

By Larry Wilson

No one knows more about personal development than the great Larry Wilson, the founder of Wilson Learning Worldwide. This book put the missing pieces of the life puzzle together for me in an entertaining, exciting way. It made me realize that in some areas of my life, I was playing it safe, and helped me see what that was costing me, personally and professionally. I love this book because it's an A to Z approach to personal development as only Larry Wilson could explain it.


What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

By Dr. Shad Helmstetter

I first read this book in 1986 and it had a huge impact on me. Dr. Helmstetter makes the point that positive self-talk is the key to changing our results. We pass this book out to every one of our Fortune 500 clients. It's mandatory reading in our Mental Toughness training program. The implementation of these ideas changed my life within a few years, and was one of the driving forces that helped me accomplish my dreams.


Breaking The No Barrier

By Walter Hailey

This book blew me away. Chapter 7 alone is worth its weight in gold, especially for a professional networker. Walter Hailey was a marketing genius who developed a prospecting system called NEER, which is the single greatest recruiting system I've ever seen. We've used it in our business for the last three years, and it works exactly as he describes it. Don't miss this one!

You Were Born Rich

By Bob Proctor

Chapter 6, "The Law of Vibration and Attraction," kept me up at night. Bob Proctor calls it like he sees it, and this book was my introduction to becoming "Proctorized." I've studied Bob Proctor's books and tapes for years and it's increased my level of awareness exponentially. This book will challenge you to think big and go for your dreams.


Focal Point

By Brian Tracy

This is Brian Tracy's magnum opus, in my opinion. Of all the Brian Tracy books, tapes and CDs I've invested in, Focal Point had the greatest impact on my business and my life. Brian has you identify what your focal point is in each area of your life, and asks you to direct all of your energies to those points with laser-like focus. I read about 30 books per year--this was the only book I read twice last year.