From the Founders
The Power of a Purpose-Driven Life

Our co-founders talk about that philanthropic yearning.

Cause and Effect
Publisher Bob Proctor explains how giving fuels the Law of Cause and Effect.

Books of Notes Letters News to Use Words of Wisdom
Books no networker can afford to ignore "A spiritual journey through network marketing" Trends and signs of these networking times Quotations from famous thinkers on the nature of giving.

Our Times
A panel of four guest editors on the question, "How do we make a living from what we give?"

Transformational Leadership

Cindy Wahler
Dr. Wahler describes two contrasting styles of leadership: traditional "frontier style" leadership, which emphasizes competition, individual achievement, a turf mentality, and a dynamic of rewards and punishments; and "transactional" or "connective" leadership, which emphasizes teamwork and shared success.

Networking the Next Generation

Rob Hawthorne
Generation X "placed our thumbprint" on the world during the Internet boom of the late '90s, says 20-something Hawthorne; "today we have an opportunity to place our hand- and footprints on the world of network marketing."

Let Me Count The Ways...

Hakki Ozmorali
Turkish network marketing specialist Hakki Ozmorali rhapsodizes on what the ideal network marketing company looks like, by enumerating nine traits shared by the best of the best. In the process, he provides a valuable set of benchmarks for networking corporate culture.

It Is Not Better...

John Milton Fogg
Calling it the "nickel brother of the Golden Rule," Founding Editor takes an historical long lens to the maxim "It is better to give than to receive," and finds its seeds in Eve's apple. His conclusion: Can we stop taking bites now?

I Hear Lawyers In My Head!

Lisa J. Barr
Freelance writer Lisa Barr needed a way to jumpstart her career, so she decided to hire a coach, who took her through a seven-step program that included "quantum visualization" and the creation of a dream team (including Bjork, Robert De Niro and Madonna) to argue her case.

Don't Quit!

Rich Morgan
We are, says Morgan, a culture seduced by the ease (and inured to the dangers) of giving up. Everyone is tempted, when the going gets tough--which in network marketing is often right at the start!--to throw in the towel. Ironically, many networkers also give in to the allure of the quit once they reach a solid income--and that's exactly when not to quit!

Can You Receive?

Teresa Romain
Continuing the theme begun by Fogg's Greatest Networker, Romain turns the issue's emphasis on "giving" on its head and examines its dialectic implications, offering a five-step system for practicing the ability to receive gracefully.

The Spirit of Giving

At the all-time low point in his life and career, his kids having left him, sitting in a freezing cold winter apartment in Pittsburgh with no job and few prospects of one, Dr. Denis Waitley felt like anything but a winner. Nevertheless, he rolled up his sleeves, wrote and recorded an audio program with the unlikely title, The Psychology of Winning--which became the best-selling spoken-word program of all time. In this fascinating interview, Denis talks about what network marketers need to understand about giving--and what network marketing uniquely has to offer today's troubled world.

Creating a Life of Significance

At the age of 17, Nido Qubein arrived in the US with no money, no English, and no contacts. Today he is one of the country's most accomplished businessmen, most sought-after speakers and a philanthropist of legendary status. In this one-on-one, Nido talks about why it is that network marketers are "immigrants in the world of business," and what our profession has to offer a world whose confidence in its business leaders has been shaken.

The Journey

The Journey is (so far as we know) the first book of its kind: a full-length novel in which the subject of network marketing plays a pivotal role. It is the story of a young woman, Annie, who grows up full of hopes and dreams, marries, then watches in despair over the next decade and a half as her dreams stall and her marriage falters. This chapter-length excerpt details Annie's chance encounter with her husband's grandmother, which proves to be a pivotal point in her journey towards finding her true path.

Networkers in the Community

As PR manager for a major direct selling/network marketing company, Stephanie DuPre is in a unique position to observe a far-flung web of volunteer projects created by the initiative of her company's reps--projects created for beneficiaries ranging from children's cancer wards, the Humane Society, the family of a terminally ill young woman, and a Sheriff's department. In this interview, Stephanie speaks with us about why network marketers tend to be such exceptionally community-oriented people.

Keith Doyle: The Path of Positive

The first half of Keith Doyle's life reads like a litany of hard luck and star-crossed destiny: a knee injury derailed a promising athletic career, a near-fatal fall ruined his roofing business, and he wound up homeless, near-freezing and living--illegally--in his former (and now repossessed) home. But nothing could stop Keith's positive attitude--nor his eventual success.

Anthony Washington: Education of an Entrepreneur

Fresh out of college, Anthony Washington launched his first entrepreneurial enterprise (a publishing venture with a friend), and knew he could never go back to the world of employment-as-usual. Following his heart and his business sense through a company-by-company journey, Anthony became an impeccable student of the business (in his few years with his first networking company, he took over 6000 pages of notes!); in the process, he has gained a grasp of (and devotion to) the profession few can match.

What Great Presenters Tell Themselves

Steve Siebold
Great presenters know that what they do goes far beyond the words they use. When you analyze what makes great presenters successful, you'll find that most of their ability to persuade comes from their high levels of energy, enthusiasm, confidence, belief, and clarity--not from their choice of words.


Bob Burg
Clever comebacks and studied responses are rarely as effective in answering objections that one might expect--because they are usually based on logic. Most objections are anything but logical; indeed, the typical objection usually says one thing but really means another.

People Remember Stories

Tom Schreiter
"Facts tell; stories sell." So said Schreiter's first network marketing book, Big Al Tells All, and it's as true today as it was 20 years ago. The art of communicating information to a prospect is the art of framing it not simply in a story, but specifically in a story to which your prospect will be able to relate.

The Fifth Principle

Michael Clouse
The last of a series of five articles, based on Clouse's recent release, The Fifth Principle, this installment describes the right and left hand of mastery: "all-out massive action" and "continual refinement and improvement." All too often, networkers focus on the one to the exclusion of the other.

The Customer
Sell the Way You Want to Be Sold

Dawn Siebold
We're all experts at sales, if we will only reflect on our own experiences as buyers! Master seller Siebold looks at a few of the key principles of buyer-friendly selling, including "ask questions to establish credibility and trust" and "don't be afraid to ask for the order."

The Anonymous Gift

John David Mann
Thirty years ago, the author slipped an envelope full of cash anonymously into a young couple's mail box so they could avoid the next day's eviction...and never told anyone (till now). Why not? Perhaps it has to do with a subtlety of giving and power.