Did you ever wonder about the success story behind Starbucks, the coffee-shop chain with a passion for quality coffee? Pour Your Heart Into It reads like a novel, filled with mystery and romance, unexpected twists and intuitive genius. Howard Schultz, the entrepreneur behind Starbucks, recounts the history of the company's origin and charts how its star has been in the ascendant since 1987, growing from a few stores in Seattle to over 1000 stores worldwide. (Today, a new Starbucks store opens somewhere every day!)

Beyond being a great story, Pour Your Heart Into It also reads as a veritable manifesto for a more philanthropic economy.

The Starbucks vision came to Schultz while traveling in Italy, when he discovered the intense relationship the Italian people have with their coffee bars. Relaxing and enjoying an espresso at a neighborhood café is an integral part of Italian social life. Schultz fell in love with the way Italians take the time to celebrate moments of daily life. Suddenly he had an insight: perhaps Americans could embrace this coffee experience in the same way as Italians!

Today, the Starbucks name evokes innovative marketing strategies, employee-ownership programs, and a product concept that has had a profound impact on American culture. The Starbucks venture is revolutionary because it is built on a foundation of values seldom found in corporate America, values that place as much importance on the company's employees as they do on profits, as much attention to creativity as to growth. From his vantage point as Starbucks' CEO, Schultz continuously reminds the reader of his didactic purpose in writing the history of his management: to teach business how to succeed humanely.

More than merely outlining business techniques, Schultz shares the passion, values, and inspiration that drive the success of this fascinating company. Twenty-four chapters illustrate the principles which have made the company enduring, such as "Luck is the residue of design," "Don't be threatened by people smarter than you," "Compromise anything but your core values," "Seek to renew yourself even when you are hitting home runs," and most importantly, "Lead with your heart."

Paperback, 351 pages; $24.95; Hyperion.