When you saw the title and subtitle of this article, did it seem a little silly to you? Or perhaps, even a little cheesy? I understand. But here's the truth: it's probably the single most important aspect of the mental dimension--by far the most important dimension--of making powerful, persuasive presentations.

Most presenters, whether in a one-on-one or large opportunity meeting, get caught up in the words they're using and pay more attention to what they're saying than to how well they are actually transferring their belief and enthusiasm to the prospect.

Great presenters know that what they do goes far beyond the words they use. When you analyze what makes great presenters successful, you'll find most of their ability to persuade comes from their high levels of energy, enthusiasm, confidence, belief, and clarity--not from their choice of words.

This is not to say great presenters don't carefully construct and rehearse their presentations, because the great ones always do that. But they also know that people buy on emotion, which means that in order to reach people, you need to be able to sell yourself, your product and your company through emotion, not just through words.

At Gove-Siebold Group, we teach some of the largest sales forces in America how to do this through the use of a system we call the Attraction Formula.


The Attraction Formula

The philosophy of the Attraction Formula is that the higher a presenter's rate of vibration, the more impact he or she will have with the prospect--in essence, the more attracted to the proposition the prospect will be. Rate of vibration consists of five components: Energy, enthusiasm, confidence, belief and clarity.

A person's rate of vibration is easily detectable, on a conscious level--but it is also picked up, and far more acutely so, by the subconscious. This is the reason we say, "I don't know exactly what it is, but I have a good (or bad) vibe about that guy."

Animals, of course, can sense a person's rate of vibration. That's the reason you don't want to show fear when confronted by a large (especially, large and potentially hostile!) animal.

One of the best ways to raise your rate of vibration is by carefully crafting, monitoring, and repeating positive words and phrases to yourself, before and after every presentation. Positive self-talk programming is the single most effective way to build belief and raise your level of attraction to the prospect.

Repeating these positive affirmations before your presentation will bring out your charisma and help you create an impact that extends far beyond your words. Repeating your affirmations after the presentation will reinforce your positive behavior and help you build the habit of controlling your emotions.

Here's a list of positive, present-tense affirmations you can say to yourself before your presentation:

Here's a list of positive, present-tense affirmations you can say to yourself after your presentation:

You can use these affirmation programs or write your own. Once you've finalized your affirmation selection, record them on a cassette or mini-disc player. Now all you have to do is listen to your affirmations before and after your presentation.

Many people find this method easier and more enjoyable than simply repeating these phrases to themselves. Be sure to repeat your affirmation phrases two to three times during your recording session. Speak slowly, clearly, and with enthusiasm in your voice.

Once you get the hang of this, I would recommend customizing all of your affirmations to the areas that you feel you need growth in. Also consider producing a before the presentation tape and an after tape, and customize them as well.

Try this, and I think you'll agree that positive self-talk programming before and after a presentation is the single most powerful tool you can use to bolster your energy, enthusiasm, confidence, belief and clarity in your presentation... and in yourself!

is co-founder of the Gove-Siebold Group, a training organization that helps networkers develop world-class communication skills.