No wonder Winston Churchill rose to such greatness! He had captured the true essence of what's important: success is not what you get, but what you give.

My daddy used to stop and help strangers with car trouble. I remember hopping out of the car once, frustrated that we were being delayed, and said, "Daddy, do you have to stop and help everyone in the free world that has the hood up on their car?" He looked at me and said, "Yes, little lady, I do. Someday one of my babies may be on the highway--and somebody's going to stop and help her because I'm going to stop and help this fellow."

I've since been on the side of a highway with car trouble; all those people Daddy helped were nowhere to be found--but somebody always stopped and helped. The blessings of giving don't always arise from the same ground where they were planted; often they arrive from the most unexpected places. But they always arrive: once in motion, the cycle of giving goes round and round.

When good things come your way, be receptive. Remind yourself you must have done something at some time that helped someone else and, as a result, you are experiencing the benefit of "pay it forward."

Gratitude is the single most important mental step towards prosperity. Being grateful is the seed of generosity, and generosity is the seed of abundance.

Years ago, I read a book called Seed Money In Action, by D.O. Speller. His wonderful advice, to visualize what we give as a "seed in action," was based on God's formula of giving and expecting nothing in return. It transformed my thinking. I so loved the book that when the opportunity came, I recommended it to millions of viewers through a national infomercial.

How surprised I was when Speller himself called to thank me for the thousands of books people were buying because of my recommendation! It was like getting a call from Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) or Earl Nightingale (Lead The Field). The cycle of giving, once again, rolled forward.

Remember that whatever you have and "hold" is temporary. When my home was totally destroyed by fire several years ago, I realized that everything we own is just on loan to us, anyway. I've never seen a hearse with a U-Haul behind it. Enjoy all the fruits of your success--including money--but hold it loosely when the opportunity comes to give. Don't be a logjam for the blessings of giving!

has been a champion distributor and now serves as president of a network marketing company.
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