I don't believe in logic--don't think it exists. I think that what we call "logic" is simply rationalization. After all, one person's totally logical argument often makes no sense to another.

If logic did exist, we would all agree. We don't. We don't buy the same cars, clothes, or houses; we don't vote for the same politicians or have the same philosophies about life. Yet we have perfectly "logical" reasons for everything we do, say, and believe.

Giving is like that: it defies logic. When you give anything, you tap into a higher spiritual law. You have little to do but give, wait, and receive. This may seem strange. Again, it's not logical. It's intuitive; it's spiritual--innate to the way the universe operates. All you have to do is get out of the way and let it cook.

A person read my latest book, The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History, and decided to try giving. He saw a tape set he knew a friend of his wanted. He bought it and gave it to his friend. It was a good deed. It could have ended there. But this giver then received an assignment worth over $117,000.

How is that possible? It isn't, if you look at this event logically. A "reasonable" person could look at the giving and say it had nothing to do with the getting. But what if you toss logic out the window?

Another person read my book and started giving. He wrote back and said, "My weekly income has gone up 113 percent in the last week. This is my best week of the year, financially. New clients started calling me from all over the place. I've never had so many new customers in a week."

Did his giving lead to his increase? You bet. Again, this defies logic...at least, it defies human logic. We are so accustomed to giving and holding our hand out that giving with no expectation of return means we won't get a return. That's our "logical" argument--but it simply isn't the case. Not in real life, not on planet earth.

When you give of yourself, you receive. Period.

When you give, what you're really being asked to do is to trust. I wear an ancient Roman gold ring on my hand, estimated to be 2500 years old. It has the word "Fidem" engraved on it, which is Latin for "faith." It is a reminder to me to trust. That when I give, I will receive--some day, some way, from someone. All I have to do is practice the principle.

It's the greatest money-making secret in history.

It's just not logical.

JOE VITALE is the author of Spiritual Marketing and
The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! He also recorded the best-selling Nightingale-Conant audio program, The Power of Outrageous Marketing.