In 1994, when I started my network marketing business, my big dream was to earn an extra $100 a month (enough to pay for the products in my autoship). I had no idea how. I looked skyward and made a promise:

"I have no idea what I'm doing here...I need help! I promise to give back a percentage of everything I earn--and no matter how high my income goes, I'll never change the percentage."

In the years since, I have learned these five secrets of abundance:

LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Find a way to exchange something of value for lots of dollars. For those of us in networking, this is a no-brainer!

TITHE. It's an ancient tradition and irrefutable law of the Universe. Give ten percent of your increase to your church, mosque, synagogue or some other spiritual foundation. I've been taught that we shouldn't pay tithing in expectation of receiving blessings. I don't necessarily agree. I enjoy giving, and I also like the "and ye shall receive" part of the equation. I pay tithing and I do expect blessings. And they come--often quickly and dramatically.

GIVE. Different from tithing, this is your charity, the cause that calls to your heart; the percent is up to you. I lost a daughter to Cystic Fibrosis when she was just 14; I have another beautiful 24-year-old daughter and a darling two-year-old grandson who both suffer with CF and are fighting for their lives. This, obviously, is my charity of choice: I give a percentage of my income to the CF Foundation in hopes that a cure for this disease will soon be found--and that percentage has never wavered.

SAVE. Setting money aside in savings rather than spending it on something you want right now actually increases the abundance in your life.

LIVE AND LOVE WITH AN ABUNDANT ATTITUDE. Live each day as though you don't know how long you've got. My beautiful daughter, Sharlie, teaches me this every single day of her life. Listen to beautiful music, light candles, put bubbles in your bath, read stories to your grandchildren, sit in a swing, plant flowers, write love notes. You decide. Whatever it is that sings to your soul and fills you with a sense of serenity. Do something you love with someone you love everyday.

That "deal" I struck in 1994 has blessed my life with abundance. My family and I have created a life beyond our wildest dreams--a natural result of our desire to live abundantly and share the fullness of our lives with others.

COLLETTE LARSEN is a mother, grandmother and veteran networker.