Are you enjoying phenomenal results in all the various aspects of your life? If not, perhaps it's time to look at how much you're giving to each of those areas.

When we talk about "giving," we're really talking about the Law of Cause and Effect. No matter what facet of life you look at, you'll find that your rewards in that particular facet will always match your service: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

People often confuse "giving" with "trading," but that's not what the Law of Cause and Effect is about. "Giving" means to let go of, to completely abandon ownership of. Those who truly give are richly rewarded somewhere down the line because they understand the Law. Those who give because they expect something in return are merely "trading," and they will be disappointed in (or even resentful of) their life's results.

If you're not fully happy with your results--the effects--then examine how you are giving: examine your service to others: the cause. Are your actions truly a gift for others' betterment, or are they offered in the spirit of trade?

Earl Nightingale used to describe the human condition as someone sitting in front of an empty fireplace saying, "Give me some heat and then I'll give you some wood."

Many people seem to think that they should receive warmth--whether or not they do anything to create that warmth.

Are you sitting in front of an empty fireplace, asking for heat? If so, you're asking for the impossible. Instead, why not increase your service? The eventual rewards in your life will come, in exact proportion. First pile on the wood: then the heat will come.

It has to. It's Law.

If you haven't yet determined the specific results you want in your life, here is an approach you can take: first look objectively at the place where you now find yourself; then consider the distance that separates you from your goal; then determine ways to freely increase your service.

That's it. Don't think about anything else. Don't worry about when or how the heat is going to come. Just see where you need to go, and commit to increasing your service; the rest will fall into place.

You can apply this "Law of Giving" to any and every area of your life. You might choose two areas, your business and your personal relationships, where you can apply this Law. Find two selfless, giving things you can do, one for someone you love and the other for someone with whom you do business. Commit to doing them repeatedly until they solidify as habits. You'll soon find that rewards come your way--tangible or intangible.

They have to. It's Law!

BOB PROCTOR is Publisher of Networking Times.