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October 2003    
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Amy Jo Kim
Lead Story:
Amy Jo Kim

Neil Offen
NT Interview:
Neil Offen

Kim Klaver and Dan Hollings
Heart of Business:
Kim Klaver and Dan Hollings

John Milton Fogg
Master Networker:
John Milton Fogg

LEAD STORYSubscriber Only
Building Communities on the Web
A Conversation with Amy Jo Kim, author of Community Building on the Web
Amy Jo Kim is one of the world’s leading authorities on Web-based community design and online gaming environments. In this interview, Kim speaks about what defines a functional virtual community, the pros (and cons) of virtual community for network marketers, and how the boundaries between virtual and “real” community will ultimately disappear.

The NT Interview, Part 1Subscriber Only
Watching Out For a 47-Million-Member Community
A Conversation with Neil Offen, President of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)
Under Neil Offen’s tenure, the DSA has become a formidable lobbying and educational force for the direct selling profession— 80 percent of whom are network marketers.

The NT Interview, Part 2Subscriber Only
It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
A Conversation with Kim Klaver and Dan Hollings, Founders of the "Alternative Network Marketing Neighborhood"
Networking superstar and well-known trainer Kim Klaver teams up with technology expert Dan Hollings to create a leading-edge virtual community, dedicated to “network marketing without all the hype.”

The NT Interview, Part 3Subscriber Only
The Greatest Networkers on the Internet
A Conversation with John Milton Fogg, founder of GreatestNetworkers.comUnity
Beginning as a discussion group focused on the best-selling book, this cadre of devoted TGN followers has flourished into a full-blown online community.

Dave Stoltzfus: Networking Traditional Values
David Stoltzfus never even saw a telephone till he was nearly 20 years old. Today, the Amish-born-and-raised Stoltzfus is a successful network marketer whose "Lighthouse Ministries" gives back to men less fortu- nate than himself.

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