Convenience. Any time it's convenient, you can sit down at your computer and find people to talk to. You have access to millions of people who're online at the same time you are, once you know where to find them and how to use Instant Messaging.

Direct Access. "Long distance" doesn't exist online. You can virtually meet people who live across town from you but whom you'd never meet otherwise and invite them to your next business briefing or home party. You can connect with people in the cities where your company holds regional or national conventions, then meet them there when you travel to the event. You can even establish relationships with people in other countries where your company does business--and you won't need a passport to do it.

People Are Easier to Approach. Sending an Instant Message is an easy way to connect with a stranger online. On the Internet, you can use a "screen name" and "profile" that positions you to be liked immediately by anyone you contact. Let's face it, people like talking to people who like the same things they do, or who are in the same line of work. Don't you?

There Is No Rejection. Rejection disappears on the Internet, because you can know a lot about a person prior to contacting them. Internet profiles help you identify those people who are ambitious or lazy, positive or negative. If you can pick the green M&Ms out of a bowl of candy, you can easily identify the best people to talk to online, based on the contents of their Internet profiles. Instead of going through 100 "Nos" to get a "Yes" in your search to find someone that would be interested in your business, you can get eight out of the ten people you contact to look at your business.

Targeting Is Easier. If you prefer talking to doctors, teachers, stay-at-home moms or any other specific group, it's easier to find them online. There are Member Directories online that let you search for people with specific words in their Internet profile, so you can target the best people to talk to. (It's actually easier to find and talk to a physician online than it is to try and make an appointment to see him in his office!) It's also easy to find people who share your passion for a hobby and make a new friend.

It's More Fun. Many people fail in network marketing because they run out of their warm market and stop building their business. On the Internet, the world is your warm market! You'll be amazed at the thousands of wonderful people online who share your interests, values and experiences and are waiting to hear from you. You can make a new friend in minutes.


is the author of Shaking Hands on the Internet, Success Online, Your Daily Motivation, and a free online e-zine for network marketing leaders.