It's 1992; we're still working on our first President Bush (the one we'll later call "Senior"). For most of us, "modem" refers to what our kids do to our neighbors' lawns for extra summer cash. In Charlottesville, we're working on a new issue of our fledgling, two-year-old publication, Upline...and my partner, John, is on the phone:

"Listen, I know we're up against deadline--but I'm working on something a little different...kind of a funny idea I'm trying out. Can I send you a few pages, see what you think?"

I say, sure. He does, and I do. I like the "few pages," and tell him so. We bounce some ideas back and forth. He writes more pages; I like them, too...

And over the next few years, so do roughly a million other people.

The Greatest Networker in the World became a phenomenon. Never before (nor since) has a book on network marketing attained the status of cult classic so rapidly or so broadly. It showed up on "essential reading" lists and in distributor kits, was translated into Chinese, German, Hebrew, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian, sold over a million copies, and generated a passionately devoted following.

Because it describes the experience of network marketing the way we want it to be...the way we believe it to be. The way, for us, it is. About honoring people's values and helping to make the world a better place--not about "throw 'em up against the wall and see who sticks." About creating a life, not simply making a living. The Greatest Networker... was a poignant and powerful self-portrait--not of John, of us, and the lifestyle we were all building.

This new "platinum edition" double book brings together the original story with its sequel, Conversations with the Greatest Networker (along with some brand new introductory and ancillary material).

Conversations... roughly doubles the sheer volume and impact of the Greatest Networker's business- and life-empowering insights and paradigms. For my money, though, the real character to watch is not the nameless Greatest Networker, but the nameless Narrator. He is the one who starts out in so desperate a place, ready to throw in the towel--as have been thousands upon thousands of readers, no doubt, when first picking up the book. That is where the hero--who could be me, and could be you--is at the beginning of the story. And by the end...? Well, I don't want to spoil it for you.

Paperback, 375 pages; $24.95; Greatest Networkers, Inc.


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