Fall is a time of harvest, gathering and celebration. Football is in the air. Halloween is here with the holiday season peeking around the corner. People are getting together to share, cheer, or simply spend time. We dedicate this October issue to Community in appreciation of the powerful role it plays in helping people grow and giving meaning to their lives.

In this issue, we have used the space normally allotted to our various distributor profiles to bring you a series of special interviews, providing different perspectives on Community in our networking profession today.

According to the dictionary, community is "a group of people with a common characteristic or interest interacting and living together within a larger society." Amy Jo Kim, one of the world's leading authorities on Web-based community design, adds that an online community only works when it targets and addresses its members' specific needs.

Neil Offen presides over the Direct Selling Association, representing 13 million networkers in the United States alone. The DSA's mission is to serve, protect and promote the direct selling business model by aligning interests of companies, distributors, consumers and regulators alike. Through effective lobbying of government and self-policing of its member companies, the DSA has made a world of difference in building a positive image of the networking profession.

Kim Klaver (aka Ms. Stud) and Dan Hollings combined their experience and talents to create a leading-edge Web-based community, AlternativeNetworkMarketing.com, where people from different companies gather to meet, share and learn from each other.

Our Editor in Chief, legendary author John Milton Fogg, introduces his very own GreatestNetworkers.comUnity as "Networking for the rest of us." Built on the foundational principles of his best-seller The Greatest Networker in the World, this community is all about honoring other people's universal values and skills such as listening, coaching, empowering and leading.

Finally, we welcome you to our own Networking Times community, where networkers from all over the world visit daily to read online articles (Networking Times) and post their comments; use their online personal information manager (Networking Office™); browse our products and write reviews (Networking Tools™); find each other via our alternative search engine (Networking Web Search™); participate in our teleconference courses and Webcasts (Networking Trainers™); and much more.

Our commitment is to continuously provide belief building content and proven tools to empower networking professionals in all areas of life. We invite you to connect, converse and cultivate your relationships in your Networking Times community. Plug in, participate and reap what you sow. Together we can make a difference and Move the Heart of Business.


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