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September 2003    
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Anita Roddick
Lead Story:
Anita Roddick

Peter Senge
NT Interview:
Peter Senge

Gail Stolzenburg
Heart of Business:
Gail Stolzenburg

Leo Corley
Master Networker:
Leo Corley

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Business As Unusual
When super-activist Anita Roddick created her value-led, high-quality skin and body care store, experts scoffed and declared the business would never last. Today, The Body Shop operates in 50 countries, with over 1900 outlets spanning 25 languages and 12 time zones. In this powerful interview, Anita talks about her “revolution in kindness,” why poverty is our number one challenge, and why it’s such an exciting time to be alive.

The Learning Organization
A Conversation with MIT Professor and Best-Selling Author Peter Senge (The Fifth Discipline)
Director of the famed think tank, Global Society for Organizational Learning, Peter Senge is the scholar behind the “Learning Organization” concept widely embraced by many of today’s leading corporations. In this penetrating interview, Peter examines the essence of learning and asks, “What’s my part in creating the kind of world I’d actually be proud to leave my grandkids?”

Gail Stolzenburg: Supporting Athletes Through Networking
As a struggling teenager coping with his father’s death, Gail found solace in the art of Judo. Years later, he was introduced to network marketing—and realized he could combine the two in an ingenious way.

Lisa Grant: A Different "Family Business"
After nearly two decades in her family business, Lisa Grant decided it was time for a change. Soon she was learning the difficult balancing act of raising a family and a network at the same time.

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Leo Corley: Home-(Only)-Based Business
As a Tennessee University chemistry teacher, Leo Corley found his work tiring and only intermittently rewarding. Worse, he’d already amassed nearly $100,000 in debt working towards his Ph.D. He started a networking business part-time to earn an extra $1000 a month…and soon realized he’d found his calling.

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