The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook

Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning Organization

By Peter M. Senge, Art Kleiner, Charlotte Roberts, Rick Ross, Bryan Smith

Peter Senge (featured in this issue's "NT Interview") wrote the business bestseller The Fifth Discipline, introducing the theory of learning organizations. In The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, the authors take the philosophical and turn it practical, with show-and-tell how-tos. Senge and his co-authors cover reinventing relationships; being loyal to the truth; building a shared vision; organizations as communities; designing an organization's governing ideas; and more.

The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook is designed as a hands-on, step-by-step guide to moving beyond "learning disabilities" and establishing your company or team as a learning organization. It's an action workbook, with exercises for both individuals and teams, suggested approaches and ideas, plus success stories.

Paperback; 608 pages; $35.00; Currency/Doubleday


Emotionally Charged Learning

By Eric Schiffer

The subtitle of this fascinating book is, "Secrets to Competitive Advantages In a Knowledge/Entertainment-Based Economy." To be expected from animation film director, Eric Schiffer, who was named one of the top ten entrepreneurs in America, along with Richard Branson of Virgin Airways, Wayne Huizenga of Blockbuster and Herb Kelher of Southwest Airlines. The book's content goes way past that promise, though, with roots that harken back to the ancient Greek teachers.

Bring up an image of master teacher Socrates: Plato describes how his provocative queries could lead his students to laughter, tears, rage and awe--all emotional preludes to learning. In Emotionally Charged Learning, you'll discover how education and entertainment can be married to make learning a dynamic and exciting experience. Schiffer's book provides a new vision that integrates the emotional feeling required to optimize retaining what we learn, with a particular emphasis on learning in the workplace. It's a fascinating exploration into how the mind and emotions create lasting learning.

Hardcover, 118 pages; $17.95; Literary Press