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August 2003    
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Paul Zane Pilzer,
Lead Story:
Paul Zane Pilzer

Sharon Wilson
NT Interview:
Sharon Wilson

Chris and Elizabeth Kutschera
Heart of Business:
Chris and Elizabeth Kutschera

Mark & Tracy Jarvis
Master Networker:
Warren Nelson

LEAD STORYSubscriber Only
God Wants You To Be Rich
John Milton Fogg
Economic advisor to two US Presidents and a popular speaker in network marketing circles, Paul Zane Pilzer is also a lay rabbi; for most of his professional life as speaker and author, he has been obliged to “leave out the good parts”: the spiritual dimension of business. In this interview, Editor in Chief Fogg asks him to “take off the gloves” and tell it as he truly sees it.

Coaching From Spirit
John Milton Fogg
A Conversation with Sharon Wilson. Once an accomplished executive in the corporate fast lane, Sharon Wilson now coaches high-powered businesspeople from the same world she once inhabited. Sharon sees a sea change in the world of business today—and sees the world of networking as a rich opportunity to experience that change at the leading edge.

Giving Back
Uma Sackett
In network marketing, Chris and Elizabeth Kutschera found an entrepreneurial model that gave them kind of life they wanted. In the Children’s Hunger Fund, they found a way to share it.

To Win the Rat Race Quit!
John David Mann
With two advanced science degrees and an MBA from Harvard, Warren Nelson had headed up a large electronics firm—but something was missing. Today, he doesn’t just make a good living— he’s made a good life.

Number One in BalanceSubscriber Only Marian Head started out training US Senators how to communicate. Today, she’s experiencing her top goal in network marketing: being “number one in balance.”

Ministering Service-LeadershipSubscriber Only A minister with scant prospects for a secure retirement, Rusty Peterman started a network marketing business looking for a way to create financial security—and found an entirely new life mission.

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