Marketing With the Spirit

The marriage of these two terms has unleashed a world of positive potential. Indeed, spiritual marketing is the only approach worthwhile in the new economy.

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Mini-reviews of Spiritual Intelligence, by Dorothy A. Sisk and E. Paul Torrance; Spiritual Economics, by Eric Butterworth and David F. Miller, and How to Think Like a Millionaire, by Mark Fisher and Marc Allen * "Your greatest power is the power to choose" * Trends and signs of these networking times * Quotations from famous thinkers on the nature of spirituality and business.

Our Times
A panel of four guest editors on the question, "Can you make money with spiritual marketing?"

Leading Through Influence

Chris Widener
"We tend to equate leadership with things such as leading countries or armies." But true leadership is a much simpler issue, says Widener: It is simply your ability to influence people. Widener covers six areas for working on developing your leadership ability: relationships, integrity, skills, success, service and smarts.

"Spiritual Business"

John Milton Fogg
What does "spiritual business" mean? Editor in Chief Fogg went to a panel of in-the-trenches networkers to find out their answers, and found that for most, it means work that "involves--and even revolves around--these people living and working their values and beliefs."

Speaking From Spirit to Spirit

Robert T. Kiyosaki
The ability to lead and inspire others, says Rich Dad Poor Dad author Kiyosaki, is a crucial business skill. "Most people today, including many we call our 'leaders,' speak from emotion to emotion, especially from fear or greed"--but real leadership means speaking from spirit to spirit.

Learn Your Core Product Line

Michael Clouse
Most customers actually know very little--factually--about the products they use. In fact, the reasons people buy the products they choose often have little to do with "information" and are more emotionally based. Knowing your core product line means absorbing a balance between relevant facts and powerful stories.

The Search for the Authentic Self

Barry Brownstein
Reflecting on the book (and movie) The Legend of Bagger Vance, Brownstein explores the concept of the personal, separate self--which Einstein called "a kind of prison"--and points the way toward the process of discovering the "authentic self," a process Brownstein says is more subtractive than additive.

Speed Does Not Equal Success

Teresa Romain
"What if 'abundance' meant growth--not just results?," asks abundance coach Romain. Taking lessons from watching her husband's approach to gardening, Romain observes that in business, as in gardening (and life), pushing on results can step you out of the natural timing of a process--and, ironically, spoil the results.

Paul Zane Pilzer: God Wants You To Be Rich

Economic advisor to two US presidents and long a wildly popular speaker and author in network marketing circles (he wrote The Next Trillion), Paul Zane Pilzer is widely known as the man who made economics interesting. What is not so widely known is that the author of Unlimited Wealth is also a lay rabbi--and that, as he describes it, for most of his professional life as speaker and author, he has been obliged to "leave out the good parts." A profoundly spiritual world view infuses Paul's view of economics, and in this interview, Editor in Chief Fogg (who first interviewed Paul over a decade ago) asks him to "take off the gloves" and tell it to us as he truly sees it. Pilzer takes the reader on a grand sweep of history, starting with Abraham (in what he calls "an economist's walk through Genesis") and ending with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, showing how and why we are alive at a unique time in history.

Sharon Wilson: Coaching From Spirit

An accomplished business executive and high-achiever in the corporate fast lane, Sharon Wilson had a personal crisis-turned-epiphany that led to her current work as a coach--in many cases, coaching CEO's and other high-powered businesspeople from the same world she once inhabited. Sharon sees a sea change in the world of business today--a rapidly growing awareness that our internal universe has a profound impact on our external circumstances, and that learning how to "manage our energy" can have a profound impact on not only our quality of life, but the bottom line as well.

Chris and Elizabeth Kutschera: Giving Back

Entrepreneurs Chris and Elizabeth Kutschera spent years creating business after business until they found truly fulfilling success in network marketing. Once they'd found a model that gave them the kind of life they wanted, they went looking for a way to share the success--and found it in the Children's Hunger Fund.

Warren Nelson: To Escape the Rat Race...Quit!

With two advanced science degrees and an MBA from Harvard, Warren Nelson had achieved stellar success in the corporate world won the rat race--but did that just make him a more successful rat? Following his wife's lead, Warren tossed it all to become a networker. Today, he doesn't just make a good living--he's made a good life.

Marian Head: Number One in Balance

Marian Head started out training US senators to communicate--and eventually found her way to network marketing, where she and her business partner Gail Hoag manage their organization with a set of "rEvolutionary agreements" that serve their revolutionary goal: of being "number one in balance."

Rusty Peterman: Ministering Service-Leadership

As a minister of nearly 25 years, Rusty Peterman knew the ministry wouldn't support him with any significant retirement. He and his wife Sallye started a network marketing business looking for a way to create post-65 financial security--and found an entirely new life mission.

Creating Truth, Honesty and Trust

Steve Siebold
The secret to being able to influence others, says master presenter Siebold, is the ability to quickly and firmly establish a strong connection. Communication can occur on any one of four levels: trivial, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual; the key to a deep and lasting connection is communicating on that fourth level. Siebold offers seven questions to help the process.

Be Persistent!

Bob Burg
Persistence simply means having the determination to "outlast the no's." How do you maintain that level of persistence? It's only possible through being connected with what Burg calls "your touchstone"--your own personal, unique, articulated desire that is powerful enough to withstand any level of opposition.

Do Networkers Ever Retire?

Hannah Ineson
Being able to retire is one of the most important benefits to the networking life...or is it? Master networker Ineson recently decided to more closely examine this sacred cow of our profession, and what she learned is fascinating food for thought. Depending on how you define "retired," it may be you already have!

Strange Reasons

Tom Schreiter
Quick--why do people join your opportunity? Not a hard one to answer: for the residual income, the retirement income, the time freedom, the lifestyle...right? Not so fast. These may be the reasons people stay in the business...but are they really the reason that draw them in the first place?

Why People Buy

Dawn Siebold
Dawn Siebold thought she understood why people buy; but "once I realized that the root of most buying decisions is based on an emotion, and has little to do with logic or reason," she reports, "I acquired more customers." Here is an intriguing "laundry list" of 27 irrational, illogical and compelling reasons people buy.

It's Not What You Say

John David Mann
The most common way new distributors shoot themselves in the foot is by saying too much when they talk about the business. Why do people say too much? Because they don't yet really trust what they're talking about. True conviction is best conveyed through, not more words, but fewer.