When I read Paul Zane Pilzer's Unlimited Wealth: The Theory and Practice of Economic Alchemy (now more than 10 years ago), I was literally, figuratively and economically blown away.

In Unlimited Wealth, I learned about how technology dramatically shifted the economic paradigms I'd grown up with and would continue to do so for as long as I lived.

For example: Paul taught me about the "Club of Rome," a select collection of world experts from a variety of scientific fields who met to discuss the future back in the mid-1970s. Their finding: It's bad--scary, actually.

In their 197-page report, The Limits to Growth, they projected with their computer- modeled minds that we had about two decades of oil left in the world. Then the 1990-ish world as we knew it would come to a grinding halt. But 20 years later, we had more oil reserves than ever before. Why?

W = PTn

...which translates into English as: Wealth equals Physical Resources times Technology multiplied by the exponential effect Technological Advances have upon themselves. The shift from gas-guzzling carburetors to hugely fuel efficient fuel injectors, the ability to drill down miles and more miles for new oil and more technology had changed doom to delight. We were better off than ever before!

And Paul had even more examples. My favorite was how the entire multi-multi-million-dollar vinyl record industry disappeared almost overnight (like in seven years) and in its wasted wake we had more and better music (and musicians) than ever before, with greater selection, longer lasting and more convenient CDs.

Now, here comes the review of God Wants You To Be Rich.

A whole bunch--and all of the really essential material--of Unlimited Wealth is also in God Wants You To Be Rich. So much so I've heard people say, don't bother to buy it. Wrong!

See, what's not in Unlimited Wealth is the real Paul Zane Pilzer. Paul is really a lay-Rabbi. Remove the "theology," and you don't have Paul Zane Pilzer. His synagogue just happens to be the temple of economics. The publisher made him take out all the "God stuff," for fear that sophisticated readers like you and me would brand the book airy-fairy and it wouldn't sell! (This is a true story.)

Hence, God Wants You To Be Rich: The Theology of Economics, is Unlimited Wealth, written by the real Paul Zane Pilzer, the Economist Rabbi, who when he is allowed to be true to himself cannot separate that which is spiritual from economical. It just has all the original "God stuff" in there where it truly belongs.

That last bit alone makes God Wants You To Be Rich, a rich read for every networker.

Hardcover: 288 pages; $13.00; Simon & Schuster