Number One
in Balance

Marian Head:
Sharing the Fun

By Uma Outka

Marian Head started her fast-paced career working for the Senate in Washington, DC. As Manager for Educational Development, Marian helped Senators manage legislative correspondence using automated research and communication systems. After nearly ten years on the Hill, she and her husband started a consulting business with a focus on team-building and organizational development. They enjoyed the work, especially the traveling, but it was deadline-driven and stressful. After Marian had her son Michael in her late thirties, she didn't have the same energy as before. A friend introduced her to health products that helped her feel good again.

"That was it," she says. "I didn't really know anything about the business, so I just picked up the books, listened to the tapes, did what they said--and it worked.

"I just didn't know that people struggled with it," Marian explains. "My sponsor was earning a good five figures a month by the end of her first year. I thought, 'If she can do it, I can do it.' It didn't seem hard. She didn't really know anything about network marketing either, but she always had these two pieces of advice, no matter what my problem was: 'Just keep on keeping on,' and, 'You get what you believe.' Actually, at the time it was annoying, because it was always the same two answers! But over time, I came to see that they were the best answers she could have given me."

Marian is also quick to point out that she didn't build her business alone. She and her long-time friend Gail Hoag started in the business together as partners. They had most of their friends in common, they'd been introduced to the products at the same time by the same person--and they knew it would be more fun as a twosome.

"We call our business, 'Leaders Network International,'" says Marian. "Our business cards say, 'A Growing Partnership of People Who Choose to Be Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually and Financially Healthy.' Why not have it all?! We both enjoy playing games, so we've approached network marketing that way; it's a lot more joyful than feeling that if you don't make your goal, you'll be devastated. You just pick up the next card and go around the board again! "

As they experienced increasing financial success, however, Marian felt the pull of the fast-paced work style of her former career. The temptation was greatest when she and her family spent a week at the estate of the number one associate in the company.

"He is, above all, an achiever," Marian says, "and I got all fired up. I was ready to go for it, just like him, 100 percent."

Talking to her husband, though, she regained her perspective. He reminded her of the things that brought her to this business. As a driven, single person, the top earner wanted to put all of his energy into his work--but was that the way Marian wanted to live? She realized the answer was a resounding No!

"I've always loved being number one," she admits. "I was the first woman to chair the Associate Advisory Council in my company, and I was hired, along with Gail, to create the first standardized training program for associates in our company. But I realized that being number one doesn't necessarily have to mean number-one income earner. I decided I'd be number one at having balance in my life.

"In fact, I got clear that one of the things we are sharing with people about network marketing is how they can have more time to do what they love and be with the people they love. If I wanted to share that notion with people, I needed to be living it, right now."

With this conclusion, Marian reorganized her life to reflect the balance she wanted to model. She structured her time so that she works Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, takes a personal day on Wednesdays, usually for a hike or some other outdoor activity, has a date day with her husband on Fridays, and reserves her weekends and all evenings except Tuesday and Thursday for family.

Marian no longer measures her success by her numerical rank within the company, but by the fact that she's maintained a position in the top 50 earners for five years while enjoying quality time with family and friends that gives her satisfaction.

"Of course, part of what allowed me to work less is that Gail was also working. That's important for people to know--we started to leverage our time right away by forming a partnership. Yes, we have to share the income, but we also share the fun."


Marian Head's "rEvolutionary Agreements"

We try to bring these agreements to every work situation we're in. We often read them out loud at our meetings. They're also part of the personal growth course now at our company, where we look at them in a more personal way: Which one of these agreements is most challenging for me? Which one would make all the difference if I followed it?

-- M.H.

I Agree:
To use my mission as a guide to my daily actions.
To speak my truth, with compassion.
To listen with my heart.
To keep doing what works and change what doesn't.

I Agree:
To respect differences.
To look within when I react.
To resolve problems directly with the source.
To release judgment.

I Agree:
To give and receive thanks.
To see the best in myself and others.
To appreciate life's journey.
To enjoy my life fully.

© 2003, by Marian Head