Ninety percent of the time I spend teaching my downline the business I spend on the principles of the Law of Attraction. I have never experienced anything else that works so perfectly, has no exceptions, is so simple, exciting and fun.

There was a point where it looked to my husband and me that there was no way we were ever going to have enough money to get both the house and the boat we wanted. I started thinking about the how...How would I get enough money for both?

Because I couldn't figure out how, I started feeling bad. I tried to justify my imagined failure: after all, according to most boat owners, the definition of "boat" is, "a hole in the water you throw money into"...right? The words sounded good...and I still felt bad. I was not a vibrational match for the boat!

People often fail to reach their goals because they are not being a vibrational match to them: their stated desires are not in harmony with the emotion they're feeling. If you are not a vibrational match to your goals, you could throw money all over the place, and somehow it still won't wind up in your pocket!

I finally realized that if I kept thinking about the how, my boat would sink before I even got it! So I stopped asking how--and started asking why.

"Why do I want the boat?" So I could be out on the water more often, where I loved to be. "Why do I want to be out on the water--why do I love that?" I love being out where I can swim with dolphins. "Why do I love swimming with dolphins?" Because when I am swimming with dolphins, I am totally in the Now--I feel so excited, so wonderful, so sensual, so free, so connected, I want to burst with love and appreciation!

These thoughts created such fantastic feelings, they worked me into a lather. I was a vibrational match to what I wanted--and over the course of the next several months, I got: a fantastic boat, a house on Maui with a separate guest cottage and office, a huge pool and Jacuzzi and killer view of the ocean and outer Islands. I threw a huge party on Maui with my partners traveling from around the world to be there. My downline also have had amazing experiences getting cars, houses, new partners, pin levels, promotions, dramatic increases in income--you name it, we've done it.

What could get any better then feeling like a million bucks--right now, and now, and now?


MARCY KOLTUN-CRILLEY lives in Maui with her husband and son in a house with a boat with a view, and loves to swim with the dolphins.