Can you make money with spiritual marketing? Without a doubt, yes! How can I be so confident? The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. Our company, Klemmer & Associates Inc., a premier leadership and character development company, does spiritual marketing profitably. So do many other companies--and I would suggest that their financial status is a reflection of their spiritual development.

As human beings, we all come equipped with a physical nature, a mental nature, an emotional nature, and a spiritual nature. The only way to maintain success is to be in alignment with the very core
of any human being. Enthusiasm can build momentum, but only character will maintain success.

I would define "spiritual marketing" as marketing according to spiritual laws that are unchanging and not man-made. As a Christian, I believe that these laws would fit within my own religious belief--but they are not limited to my religious convictions. Since I am a Christian (and this article is limited to 450 words!), I'll use Christian references. (In 1975, I met a man who introduced me to the Bible as the best business book he had ever read.) But a person of any faith could substitute the appropriate references from his or her own religious beliefs to these same laws.

The first spiritual law would be: Treat all parties with respect and kindness. "The greatest of these commandments is to love one another as I have loved you." (John 13:34)

The second spiritual law would be: God is the source of all things. This creates a context of abundance, wherein you give to everyone, not simply to get back from the one you are serving (Luke 1:37).

The third spiritual law would be: Giving precedes receiving. People often look myopically at their own needs, rather than at how they can be of service (Matt: 25:14-28).

The fourth spiritual law would be: Results are what is rewarded, not effort or attitude. People often operate with a false belief of entitlement. In the parable of the talents, money is given to those who multiplied it well, taken from those who didn't (Matt: 14-29).

The fifth spiritual law would be: Create leverage or multiplication, rather than a single sale. (John 6:1-13).

These five are only examples of the spiritual laws involved in marketing.

Everyone markets according to some principles. The defining nature of a "spiritual" principle is that it is permanent, beyond the reach of time--it never changes, and always applies. What are the guiding principles that drive and direct your business?


BRIAN KLEMMER is a frequent keynote speaker at network
marketing conventions and is author of If How To's Were Enough,
We Would All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy.