Spiritual marketing is marketing with a spiritual focus. When you interface the natural with the supernatural, the two work jointly toward a powerful outcome.

Often we tend to move so much in our own limited power that we forget there is another Power that we can tap into for our marketing and recruiting efforts. This Power is a lot more powerful than we could ever imagine, and knows a lot more about recruiting and marketing than we will ever know.

God wants all of us to succeed in our efforts; marketing and business are no exception. Many people think that God sits on a throne somewhere and watches the world as life goes by. Not so--God is very involved in our lives, and He can create one powerful thing for us in our marketing and recruiting that we never could: as you market from a spiritual focus, you start to see "divine appointments."

What are Divine Appointments? They are those appointments that somehow just "show up"--where you happen to meet just the right person, at just the right time and in just the right circumstance...and they provide just what you are looking for. They are orchestrated by God to open doors that you probably could not even knock on, on your own!

Sometimes such Divine Appointments result from advertising in religious or spiritually-oriented journals or Web sites. People of faith have a tendency to look at the world differently, to notice and observe the powerful working of God in their lives. Reading these types of journals can create a contact, which could be a Divine Appointment that simply took an advertisement to bring it into the natural sphere.

No matter how they happen, one divine appointment can create more revenue than 100 regular appointments. When you market from a spiritual or faith focus, you are accessing a Power that can act on your behalf both faster and with more power than you can think or imagine; often that is how God moves.

Many times, I have prayed over an idea before taking action--and found that it produced results far more powerful than I could ever have expected. Coincidence? You decide. For me, I know that prayer works in my business, and in my life. As a tool for business, it is awesome, as it takes your actions out of the natural, and puts them into a supernatural realm. Many network marketing boardrooms have found that prayer is an incredibly powerful way to create something that could not be created by human effort alone. Marketing from a spiritual focus can create much more power in what you do--because you have a "Silent Partner" in the process...God Himself!