I recently purchased some leads, people who were interested in a business and had even filled out a survey. I began calling them with enthusiasm and confidence. It was amazing! Almost all were at home on the first try, and they seemed generally interested in going to my website or listening to a conference call. Wow! This was not like the cold calling I'd done in the past.

Over the coming weeks, oddly, it began to change. Why did they seem less interested now? Why so hard to reach? Why weren't they following through as promised? Had something happened to them...or was it something within myself that had changed?

As spiritual beings, we live our lives and conduct our businesses following spiritual principles, whether or not we're consciously aware of it. We live in an orderly, precise universe where nothing happens by chance, accident or mistake; nothing "just happens." Our lives flow out of our beliefs--conscious and unconscious. Everything that shows up around us is the realization of our thoughts and beliefs.

Those people I was calling off the leads list weren't losing interest or giving up on me. It was my enthusiasm and confidence that were waning: they were simply reflecting my own lack of interest back to me. My job was to shift my inner state, to get back to my feelings of wanting to be of service, to help these people find the perfect business for them. From this perspective, I could return to feeling enthusiastic and began to sense their interest once again.

You are always attracting to you that which you are. If you are excited about your networking business and products, others will feel that enthusiasm and frequently want to join you. When you know that energy follows attention, you will stay focused and persistent with your goals. When you are aware of and honor this simple spiritual principle, your business can flourish with greater ease.

We can only grow our business to be as big as we continue to grow ourselves. This is what makes network marketing such an exciting endeavor: we learn to build our businesses from the inside out by doing the personal growth work necessary to release our fears, resistance and limiting beliefs.

Marketing, like all aspects of life, is an inside-out process. Can you make money with spiritual marketing? As spiritual beings living a human life, it's the only kind of marketing there is.


MARION CULHANE is on the Board of Directors of Gabriel
Media Group, publishers of Networking Times.