A few years ago, Joe Vitale asked me to write the foreword for a book he had written titled Spiritual Marketing. I had never before looked at those two words as partners, but as I read the transcript, they made perfect sense together, side-by-side, in perfect harmony. What a beautiful couple they made!

The marriage of these two terms has created the potential for profound, positive impact upon our world. "Spiritual marketing" is a holistic approach: you direct your marketing efforts toward all three parts of a person's personality: emotions, mind and spirit. Indeed, spiritual marketing is the only approach worthwhile in the new economy. The old marketing methods are no longer effective.

Before going any further, I must make an important clarification. By "spiritual marketing," I do not mean religious marketing; I am referring to the marketing with an awareness of that spiritual essence that exists within each of us...our true self. The spiritual aspect of any individual is the highest part of that person, and should be the part of the personality that your marketing material is designed to reach.

Spirit, of course, operates by law. In his book, Joe married these spiritual laws with marketing, executing what might have been a very complex, laborious task in a most masterful and delightful manner. I recommend that you add Joe's book to your library.

Spiritual marketing, when executed professionally, will help you accomplish or acquire most anything you seriously desire. But as you embrace this dual concept of "spiritual marketing," be forewarned: for most, the progression from conventional to spiritual marketing amounts to a genuine paradigm shift. The old paradigms will fight back.

Paradigms do not die easily--and the weapons these old paradigms use to hold you back have awesome power. I often refer to them as an insidious trio with the power to paralyze: doubt, fear, and anxiety. This unholy triad have the power to bring your progress to an abrupt halt--right at the point you are deciding to make your big move.

Your only effective counterweapon is awareness: realize that doubt creeps in, causing fear, which in turn expresses itself as anxiety. The primary source of all three of these debilitating demons is ignorance.

Know the truth and the truth will set you free. This is a beautiful truth. Understand that there is only one thing to be set free from, and that is ignorance. The moment you feel doubt creeping into your mind, pick up Joe's book, open it to any page, and read. Wonderful things will begin to happen; your enthusiasm will soar; you'll be back on the right road to a bright future.



BOB PROCTOR is Publisher of Networking Times.