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God Wants You To Be Rich

A Conversation With Paul Zane Pilzer, Author Of Unlimited Wealth, The Next Trillion, And God Wants You To Be Rich

By John Milton Fogg

Economic advisor to two US presidents and long a wildly popular speaker and author in network marketing circles (he wrote The Next Trillion), Paul Zane Pilzer is widely known as the man who made economics interesting. What is not so widely known is that the author of Unlimited Wealth is also a lay rabbi--and that, as he describes it, for most of his professional life as speaker and author, he has been obliged to "leave out the good parts." A profoundly spiritual world view infuses Paul's view of economics, and in this interview, Editor in Chief Fogg (who first interviewed Paul over a decade ago) asks him to "take off the gloves" and tell it to us as he truly sees it. Pilzer takes the reader on a grand sweep of history, starting with Abraham (in what he calls "an economist's walk through Genesis") and ending with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, showing how and why we are alive at a unique time in history.
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