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July 2003    
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Lead Story:
Frederick Reichheld

Jane Willhite
NT Interview:
Jane Willhite

George Leger
Heart of Business:
George Leger

Mark & Tracy Jarvis
Master Networker:
Mark & Tracy Jarvis

LEAD STORYSubscriber Only
Loyalty Rules!
John Milton Fogg
Frederick Reichheld (author of The Loyalty Effect and Loyalty Rules!) is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on business loyalty. The New York Times said of him that “he put loyalty economics on the map.” In this issue, Reichheld talks with editor-in-chief Fogg about such concepts as “loyalty leaders,” cornerstones of loyalty and the future of loyalty in business.

Loyalty and Leadership
John Milton Fogg
Co-creator of PSI Seminars with her husband Tom in 1973, Jane has carried on their pioneering self-development work since Tom’s death ten years later. In this interview, Willhite talks about what it means practically to follow a path of loyalty, and explores the kinds of behaviors that engender loyalty in others.

Only a Child
John David Mann
George Leger: Letting the Street Children of Guatemala Know They Matter.Ten years ago, George Leger’s life was radically changed by a newspaper story on the tragic life and death of a Guatemalan street child. He flew to Guatemala City, made friends with a group of homeless kids, and “Only a Child” was born.

Replace Your Hope with Expectation
Uma Sackett
Mark Jarvis had been involved with network marketing companies for a good 15 years. This time, two things happened that hadn’t before: he found the kind of success he’d always wanted—and a partner in life (as well as business!).

"Residual Income Means Security"Subscriber Only On May 21, 2002, Miki Crowl’s car was struck on a rural Iowa highway; Miki was nearly killed. The road to recovery was long and arduous—but as a successful networker, she was supported by a business that continued to thrive the entire time.

"You Aren't Paid to Be the Best"Subscriber Only Coming from a successful real estate career, Denson Taylor hit it big in networking; then joined a brand new company—and rethought his entire approach to the business.

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