Do you already know what you have to do in order to succeed and be happy--but find you're not doing it? Do you want, with all your heart and soul, to build your network marketing business--but have so many other things to do that you can't find the time? Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you so swamped that you don't know where to begin?

There's hope. I was born the world's greatest procrastinator. My mother claims that her pregnancy lasted ten months--because I put off being born for a whole month. As an adult, I converted. Now I'm a "recovering procrastinator." If I can change, you can, too.

Here are five steps to take the sting out of being overwhelmed and help you build your network marketing business--no matter how many other priorities are nipping at you.


S: Select a Task

Just one. Choose a task you've been putting off. You're right--you can't do everything. So do just one thing. If it has many components, keep narrowing it down. If you decide to focus on selling a product, then select one area of that process:

Select a task--just one.

Now, the first thought many really good procrastinators have is: "Well, I've selected my task. Now I have to wait till I have a whole day free to work on it." But we all know: you'll never have a "whole day free." But you can find one free hour, right?

On to the "T" of STING:


T: Time Yourself

Give the task you selected one full hour.

Buy an ordinary kitchen timer and set it for one hour. You might say, "Oh, I can time myself in my head...," but the ticking of a timer adds a wonderful sense of urgency to the project. Even if you have a difficult time focusing, you can stick to something for one hour. And during that time, there are two simple rules to help you get the job done. First:


I: Ignore Everything

That is, ignore everything other than that one task! Focus.

This is the downfall of most procrastinators. They decide, "Today, I will accomplish this one task"--but then think, well, maybe first I'll just check my e-mail...then perhaps I could make one quick phone call...and then it's time to organize all the paper clutter in the area...and then one...just game.

And in the blink of an eye, there are 15 things started, none completed, and the procrastinator says, "Well, I was multi-tasking!" But if nothing is complete, it's not multi-tasking, it's anti-tasking! It's a terrible rut to be in; this rule will help you stay out of that rut. For only one hour, ignore everything else but this one task.

And rule number two for your timed hour:


N: No Breaks

No breaks allowed while the timer is ticking!

To be honest, back in my procrastinating days, this is where I excelled. I could take a one-hour job and make it last 14 months--because I was so terrific at taking breaks. When I first incorporated the no-breaks rule into my strategy, I realized it was the very first time in my life I had done one hour of pure work--with none of my beloved breaks. This one rule will help you accomplish an incredible amount of work.

What do you do when the timer dings and your time is up? Your last step in this journey: the "G" of STING:


G: Give Yourself a Reward

When the job is done, acknowledge it--and yourself.

This is an amazingly important part of the strategy; it also can be the hardest. You can probably tell me what makes your family happy, your upline and your downline happy, your friends and relatives happy...but many people never give any thought to what would make them happy.

When you start your journey as a "recovering procrastinator," take a few minutes to list at least seven rewards for you that would motivate you to get going on this project. Don't cop out and say, "The satisfaction of completing the job is enough reward for me." If that were true, then why in heaven's name were you putting it off in the first place?

Plan big rewards for big accomplishments, little rewards for little ones. We'd all love a trip to Hawaii as a reward for generating a new business partner, but that's not going to happen. (Yet.) Find something you can give yourself today or this week as a reward for that one hour's worth of work.

Think of all those things you love to do, something that's important to you, but for which you never have the time--read a novel, spend time with your spouse or children, walk out in nature, go to a movie or a museum, take a nap. When your hour of "pure" work is complete, you can enjoy your reward guilt-free. Whatever you do, do not skip the reward!

If you'd like a free visual reminder of this strategy, go to my web site: Click on the sentence: "Looking for the bumble bee?" and you can print out the five steps--along with an illustration of a very cool little bumblebee with a smashed stinger!

Now go ahead--set that timer. Start creating the life you want. Build the success you dream of. The world will be a better place when you do.


RITA EMMETT is a professional speaker ( and author of The Procrastinator's Handbook as well as a free monthly e-zine, "The Anticrastination Tip Sheet."